WPX Hosting Review 2021: Comparison, Real Test and Live Demo

Hello, my name is Bozhidar and in this WPX hosting review I’m going to walk you through all the important things you should know about this web hosting provider until you decide whether to use it or not.

This is how I’m going to evaluate this hosting:

  • I’m going to break down the pricing structure and explain to you how to find the best deal.
  • Next, I will show you the entire sign-up process in order to find out if their platform is easy to use. 
  • In addition, I’m going to grade their performance based on the page load speed and uptime from the plan I purchased with WPX. 
  • Finally, I will wrap this review by giving you my pros and cons and share with you my honest advice if you should buy WPX hosting or not.

At the end of this video, I will give you a very special offer if you decide to pick up WPX hosting through any of the links below. 

In order to help you even more I will give you my in-depth course about how to create a successful WordPress website from scratch and sell things online for FREE. 

Soungs interesting?


Now let’s get straight into this review.

My WPX Hosting Review: Everything You Need To Know Before You Start

I’m going to start this review by checking one of the most important parts – the price.

1. WPX Hosting Shared Plans Pricing Review

WPX hosting is a managed WordPress hosting solution and they use their own Lightspeed servers.

They also provide you with their own custom CDN for greater performance. 

When it comes to options WPX has 3 different pricing plans: the business, the professional, and the elite. 

And the main difference betwen the plans is the number of websites, the storage size, and the bandwidth.

As you can see from the image above, the rest of the features remain the same as well.

Some notable features worth mentioning are:

They provide you a 20-day automatic backup in case something happens with your website and they also have their own custom CDN

Another awesome thing here is they say they have a 30 second average live chat response time, but I’m going to test this out and see if it’s true or not later in the article.

Therefore, please keep reading until the end.

WPX Hosting’s Site Migrations Review

And the last awesome feature that is really unique here is the unlimited site migration to WPX. 

Their staff will migrate your website for you for free. Most other hosting providers charge a lot of money for this service. 

So well done to WPX inside this feature. 

Now back to the actual pricing. 

WPX offers a very good price on managed WordPress hosting.

For only $20.83 per month, you will get up to 5 websites and 100 gigabytes of bandwidth. 

Which is an equivalent of around 50,000 visits per month. 

And if you go all the way up to their elite plan, you’re going to get unlimited bandwidth and 35 websites for only around $83.

This is a really cheap price for a managed WordPress solution so if they perform well on the rest of my tests you should strongly consider choosing them.

2. WPX Hosting Domain Name Pricing Review

With the domain name pricing normally I’d never recommend any of my readers to buy a domain name from any hosting provider as it’s always 2 or 3 times more expensive per year.

Instead, it’s cheaper to buy a domain name from Namecheap, which is what I do. 

So you can see here, a .com domain with Namecheap is going to cost you about $8 per year. 

And renews at $13 per year with domain privacy included. 

WPX hosting, however, provides you the .com domain for $10.99 per year and renews at the same price. 

So you’re losing out the first year, but for the renewal, it’s going to be even cheaper than Namecheap. 

For me, both options are great so it’s entirely up to you from where you will buy your domain name.

Click here if you want to choose Namecheap to purchase your domain from or use this link to go to WPXHosting.com and get the best current price.

Is WPX Hosting worth the price or is it too expensive? – The Results

Overall, as far as price goes, I’d give WPX Hosting a score of 10 out of 10. 

They provide you all the expected features of a managed WordPress host. 

The automatic daily backup is provided for free and they have extra speed performance increase by using Lightspeed service.

But I’m still going to test them out later in this article to really see if it lives up to expectations.

Some unique features, which make this price really worth it is their custom WPX cloud CDN and the free manual website migration. 

So yes, in my opinion, they are definitely worth the money and you won’t regret it if you go with their plans.

3. WPX Hosting After Purchase Setup & Ease Of Use

You will be able to tell from their homepage that it is a very user-friendly user interface, in contrast with other hosting providers’ Cpanel controls.

Their design is clean but does not feel like there is as much you can do here.

The outcome depends on how you perceive it. 

Now let’s find out if it’s easy to install WordPress on WPX hosting

How to install WordPress with WPX Hosting Test  (Step By Step) 

To do this, we’ll click on manage website. 

And we can add a new website here but if this is not the one that you want, or if you’re transferring your domain name from another hosting provider, you can click here and WPX hosting staff team will do this for you for free manually.

So that’s a great free feature they have for you. 

But in this case, we’re going to use a domain we’ve chosen so I’ll click on install WP. 

Next, fill out your personal information, make sure that your admin username is not admin as that would make it easier for hackers to get into your website.

Then click on deploy WordPress.

And you are ready. The process is very simple and fast. 

And what about installing an SSL certificate

This is very important and must be done because if you don’t do it and you access your website, as you can see from the image below, it will not load correctly as your connection is not secured. 

Here’s how to do it properly.

How to install a free SSL certificate using WPX Hosting

So we’ll go back and click on SSL and then click on install free certificate.

Next click on install.

And that’s it. 

Our SSL has been installed correctly.

And lastly, let’s see how easy it is to create an email address. 

How to create a free domain email address with WPX Hosting

To do that, we go to email boxes, click on add an email box. 

Your username and password are the only things you need to enter here.

The rest doesn’t need to be filled out and then you click on submit and that’s it.

You are ready.

Our email account has now been created successfully. 

Is WPX Hosting easy to use and navigate? – The Results

After everything I’ve tested, I would give WPX hosting a 9 out of 10 for setup and ease of use. 

Their user interface is extremely clean for beginners as well as completely straightforward to navigate and perform tasks on your site.

WPX uses a minimalist design, so you can focus on finding what you need. 

I did take one point as I don’t think their custom user interface is as polished as some of their competitors. 

For example, they don’t have a shortcut button to auto logging into your WordPress dashboard and you have to access that separately.

However, I think I’m nitpicking a little bit here as this is such a small issue that most people probably won’t notice. 

Sounds good so far? Click here to get the best current price for WPX Hosting.

4. WPX Hosting Speed Performance Test

So after installing a barebones WordPress site without editing anything, I tested the page speed.

As you can see the website is super basic and blank: 

No new theme or plugins. 

Just the default ones.

Using GTmetrix I got a result of 0.6 seconds of load time.

This is an amazing start for WPX Hosting as they are one of the fastest bare-bones websites I’ve tested out so far.

But we are not done.

In order to make this website more normal, I’m now going to install a bunch of important plugins and change the theme to a better one you will most likely use in real life. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do this I will share everything in my Free course I’m going to give you as a bonus.

In order to get it, simply send me your receipt once you’ve purchased WPX hosting at thegoldengooseoutlet(at)gmail.com and I’ll send it back.

Now to speed up the website, I’m now going to install free plugins. 

Normally I would install WP fastest cache, which is for speed optimization, but WPX hosting has Lightspeed servers so I will instead use their recommended Lightspeed cache plugin.

In order to optimize images, ShortPixel is my next plugin to use.

Additionally, I will facilitate website performance by installing the free premium WPX CDN. 

Everything I do is a replica of what you would do in the real world.

This is what the new website layout with all its new plugins looks like. 

However, would it still be fast? 

Let’s see.

After another text on GTmetrix, the speed is now 0.9 seconds. 

This is an amazing result and makes WPX Hosting the fastest hosting service I have tested so far. 

Also, they easily meet Google’s recommended load speed recommendation of 2 to 3 seconds.  

Click here to check their plans and see for yourself.

5. WPX Hosting Uptime Performance Tests

Additionally, I have monitored WPX stability performance, and their uptime (statistics) for the last 30 days.

And the results I got were 100% of uptime. 

The screenshot below illustrates this. 

Facts are facts and for this, I’m very impressed.

Is WPX Hosting fast and reliable? – The Results

After these 2 tests, I would rate WPX hosting speed and uptime performance, a perfect 10 out of 10.

They have one of the fastest speeds I’ve ever tested and the uptime is solid as well. 

So if you want super-fast, reliable, and affordable hosting you should definitely check them out.

Use this link to get their best current price on wpxhosting.com.

6. WPX Hosting Customer Support Rating Test

WPX supports its clients 24/7 via email and live chat. 

Unfortunately, they don’t have phone support, so it is not so good for anyone who prefers this method of support. 

I will now test them out by asking them these 3 simple but important questions on live chat.

Question 1: I believe my website is infected by a virus. Can you help?

Question 2:  Could you tell me what are your hosting renewal costs and what is the domain price per year?

Question 3: I’m a beginner and don’t know how to install the CDN and the SSL certificate. Can you do it for me?

This is how it turned out:

Answer 1 Results:

They ran a virus scan for me right away and were going to remove all the malware for me for free. 

As it is part of WPX hosting’s guarantee that any website hosted with WPX would be free from any malware.

Even if any were found, when migrating over from another host.

Their support was really impressive on this issue. 

So far they are one of the only hosting providers that I’ve tested, who are willing to remove malware for free. 

Answer 2 Results:

They quickly answered all my questions in one go, and the whole conversation took less than two minutes.

Answer 3 Results:

And for the last question WPX hosting support staff was super quick to help. 

They installed the SSL certificate for me right away and also provided a custom step-by-step guide and were willing to even log into my Cloudflare account for me and do everything firsthand if I wanted.

This is the first time any support staff has ever offered me this so I was really surprised and happy at the same time.

Their response time was 18, 16, and 22 seconds.

An average wait time between those three times was 19 seconds. 

This is definitely the fastest out of any hosting provider I’ve tested so far and definitely falls within their 30 second average live chat response time, which you can find on their website. 

Is WPX Hosting customer service good and fast? – The Results

After my tests were done I would say their support was amazing and I would score them a perfect 10 out of 10 again. 

The support team was friendly and willing to help immediately.

Their response time is the best I have ever had from any online services.

And I’m not talking about hosting providers.

Taking those points into consideration, let us go over the cons and pros you should be aware of.

7. WPX Hosting Pros & Cons  (What I like and don’t like about them) 

Let’s start by showcasing you everything I don’t like about them.

What I don’t like about WPX Hosting

The only one I have found is a user interface.

First of all, I have to say it is still really good and is easier than using standard Cpanel. 

I just don’t think their custom interface is as easy and as polished as some of what their competitors use.

What I do like about WPX Hosting

The first pro that stands out to me is WPX hosting’s speed and uptime.

They have the best speed I’ve ever tested at 0.9 seconds and a 100% uptime for the last 30 days.

The next pro is the fact that WPX offers server locations in 3 different countries for you to host your website.

You can boost your website’s speed for visitors from outside the United States if your company or organization uses this feature.

Another positive feature is WPX’s customer support

They are one of the most responsive at all times of the day and are always proactive to help you out and not just give you articles to read and make you fix things yourself.

Another great pro is their features. 

They provide their own CDN solution for better performance.

They also provide free daily automatic backups which can save your website if something bad happens, which many hosting providers try to charge extra money for.

The last pro is that WPX offers free website migration. 

This means that WPX hosting will move your website from your existing provider to them for free when you sign up with them.

You simply just have to click on, send my migration requests and fill out the information and their team will take care of the rest for you.

Quick note:

If you decide to get WPX hosting through any of the links inside this article, just send me your receipt to thegoldengooseoutlet.at.gmail.com and I’ll send you access to my bonus course right away. 

WPX Hosting – My Honest Recommendation – Should you buy them?

After all the tests and amazing results, I had no other choice than to give WPX hosting a score of 10 out of 10. 

This is the first time I have ever done this, but they deserve it as they really are the best, whether you’re talking about speed, support, or price.

So this is my recommendation in regards to WPX hosting. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, WPX hosting is undoubtedly one of the best options out there. 

Click here to go to WPXhosting.com and get the best current price.

However, if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to pay for even their cheapest price or don’t need more than 1 website, then I don’t think WPX hosting is the one for you.

If that’s the case then I highly recommend you to go with SiteGround

Click here to check their best price at SiteGround.com

The Next Steps

Thank you very much for reading his WPX hosting review.

Now you really know if this is a hosting service you want to try.

In case you have found this review useful here are more great articles you can check:

See you in the next one!

– Bozhidar

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