SiteGround vs Hostinger 2021: Side by Side Test Comparison

From the simplest blog to the most sophisticated e-commerce websites, good web hosting is essential for every website.

If you’re in the middle of choosing a web host for your new website and wondering which web host is the best: SiteGround or Hostinger, say no more cause I got you covered. 

Hi, my name is Bozhidar, and today I’ll be doing all the hard work for you to help you to select the best web host for your website’s needs.

If you stick with me till the end of this article you are going to learn what are the main differences between the two web hosting titans Hostinger and SiteGround and most importantly which is the best choice for you.

In the next chapters, I’ll be comparing these two web hosts in different categories and at the end, I’ll be deciding the winner. 

Here we go.

SiteGround Vs Hostinger: Who’s The Best Web Hosting Provider?

In order to make this comparison fair and real I’ll be testing both companies in 7 different categories so we can see which one is the better one.

If yo stick with me till you the end you are going to find:

  • Why are these companies good?
  • What features do they offer?
  • What is their uptime and server speed?
  • What is their pricing and what plans do they offer?
  • How good is their customer service
  • What backend features they offer
  • Finally, I’m going to wrap things and give you my honest opinion of which one is the clear winner and why.

Sounds good?


Let’s begin our comparison battle with a couple of basic things about each one of the hosting providers and what makes them great.

About SiteGround Web Hosting

SiteGround hosts over 2 million domains and is one of the most advanced web hosts in terms of security and speed. 

Even recommends it as well.

This is a major deal. 

But why not just declare them as my winner and end the article?

Not so fast. 

Hostinger makes up for what seems to be lacking in sophistication in other areas, like pricing, with a very competent team.

It is easy to understand why you might want to choose SiteGround if you’re an expert in the field of website creation.

But that doesn’t mean Hostinger is bad.

Let’s see why.

About Hostinger Web Hosting

Hostinger on the other hand is created in 2004 and currently has over 29 million active users.

In my opinion, Hostinger is perfect for newbies who are not tech savvies who still want to have a fast website without paying an arm and a leg.

For a fraction of the price, you will be able to buy hosting plans that outperform huge and well-known web hosting companies that have been around for decades.

So even if this company it’s not supported by WordPress that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

But is this all Hostinger has to offer?

Let’s find out!

SiteGround Features VS Hostinger Features

To accurately decide the winner between these two web hosts we must first compare them based on the features they offer.

First amongst these features are:

1. SiteGround Uptime and Speed vs Hostinger Uptime and Speed  

Let’s be honest.

Web hosting speed is a huge deal. 

Trust me, you don’t want your website visitors thinking of what is the best way to pass the time as they wait for your site to load up because they will bounce.

And Google doesn’t want that, nor does your pockets.

But what are their server speed and uptime?

Since these are the most imperative things on your website, they also deserve special attention.

SiteGround Uptime and Server Speed

SiteGround is definitely not joking around when it comes to the performance of your website, as it does not rely on third-party solutions to provide the best performance for your website.

It’s a fact that they have one of the fastest server response times with under 200 milliseconds making SiteGround one of the fastest hosting companies in the world.

A higher server response time will result in a faster site load.

With their in-house hardware and software solutions, including SSD discs, SG optimizer HTTP/2, and a 99.99% uptime for the last 30 days I have to say that SiteGround ensures that your website is fast and secure. 

There are only 10 minutes of downtime per month on average.

Hostinger Uptime and Server Speed

Hostinger on the other hand doesn’t fall far behind with an uptime of 99.98%.

Or if we speak to numbers that is around 13 minutes of downtime per month which is a little more than SiteGround but not too far behind.

It is unlikely that you will encounter speed issues with this web host.

Their server time loads in little more than 430 milliseconds which is fairly good compared to the majority of the more expensive web hosting companies.

But numbers don’t like and if we compare that directly to SiteGround it looks like Hostinger is around 2 time slower.

Who is faster and has more uptime – Hostinger or SiteGround? 

Thanks to the use of SSD discs, SiteGround is 2 times faster than Hostinger, which relies on conventional and much slower HDD, hard disks. 

The uptime of SiteGround is a little bit better making it the clear winner when it comes to speed and uptime.

For more information on the performance of SiteGround and Hostinger, you can click the links below and read my more in-depth reviews.

Click here to read my Hostinger in-depth review or click here to see my SiteGround review.

But comparing them side by side makes the picture much clearer.

Let’s continue.

2. SiteGround Pricing Plans VS Hostinger Pricing Plans

Both Hostinger and SiteGround offer different hosting plans to cater to a broad range of clients. 

However, you need to look carefully to make sure you pick the best plan that is suitable for your website’s needs. 

Therefore, under this category, we’re going to see which hosting provider offers the most value for your money under their shared hosting plans.

SiteGround Pricing Plans and Affordability

Let’s start with SiteGround.

SiteGround offers 3 main plans: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. 

Click here if you want to check them out.

Siteground StartUp Plan

The StartUp plan offers all the basic hosting features such as 1-Click WordPress installation, free setup, website transfer, daily backups, and more only for $6.99 a month for the first-time customers. 

However, if you decide to go a step further and grow your website with SiteGround, you should expect to pay $9.99 a month with their more expensive plan I’m going to show you next.

Siteground GrowBig Plan

With the GrowBig plan, you get all the amazing features of the cheaper plan plus premium features like speed boosting caching, on-demand backup copies, and a development staging environment for only $9.99 a month.

Once the discount price is over you will have to pay about $24.99/month but if you contact their support they could give you an extra 5-10% off that.

Siteground GoGeek Plan

And finally, for the professionals among us, SiteGround offers the GoGeek plan at just $14.99 a month for a limited time.

With its numerous premium features, this plan is the best for small and medium scaled e-commerce websites or blogs as it can comfortably handle websites with way more than 100,000 monthly visitors.

Click here to check SiteGround’s plans.

Sadly when the discount is over you will have to pay $39.99/month which is not a small price but because of the great speed and ton of premium features, it’s not that bad.

Hostinger Pricing Plans and Affordability

On the other side of the ring Hostinger also offers 3 equally exciting plans

  1. Shared hosting plan
  2. Premium shared hosting
  3. Business shared hosting

However, although these plans are equally as exciting as those of SiteGround, Hostinger has carved a niche for themselves in the web hosting industry thanks to their jaw-dropping juicy prices.

For only $0.99 a month you can get a single shared hosting plan.

Click here to check the $0.99 plan.

Hostinger Single Shared Hosting Plan

For less than a dollar per month, you get 1 website, email support, GitHub integration, and lots of other interesting perks.

If I have to be honest this is the cheapest hosting plan I’ve ever seen. I really don’t know if you can get a lower price than that.

Hostinger Premium Shared Hosting Plan

Going further for just $2.19 a month you can get the premium shared hosting plan.

The premium plan offers all the benefits of the single plan plus unlimited websites and email accounts, a free domain, weekly updates, and SSH access. 

It is good if you have more than 1 website and still don’t want to pay a ton of money.

Hostinger Business Shared Hosting Plan

If you want to go even further with hosting, or you can decide to opt for the business plan, which goes for just $3.99 a month.

In addition to all the exciting features of the single and premium plans with this plan, you get 4 times the processing power and memory of other plans, web email access, unlimited bandwidth, and daily backups. 

How’s that for a hot deal?

Click here to get Hostinger’s best current price.

Which hosting offers better pricing plans? – SiteGround or Hostinger

Deciding the winner of this category was a tough call. 

If you’re more interested in sophistication and having it all, I believe you’ll lean towards SiteGround, but for a practical beginner who needs just the basics to thrive Hostinger is the better and cheaper option.

It is just impossible to beat their $0.99 plan and with all the features it offers. 

Click here if you want to check Hostinger or use this link to go to as well.

But we are not over just yet. 

After all, this is one of the most important parts of every company – their support.

3. SiteGround Customer Service VS Hostinger Customer Service

Well, let’s look at how they both treat their customers.

Creating a solid and good-looking website can be quite a hassle, especially for newbies, as it involves stepping into very new territories. 

Surely you don’t want to miss their grumps staring down at you while you ask for directions. 

Luckily for us, both web hosting services offer 24/7 customer support teams that are trained to answer all of our questions via email ticket systems.

But which hosting is better and faster to respond to your needs?

Let’s find out.

Who has better and faster customer service – SiteGround or Hostinger?

In order to do a quick test, I’ve decided to first contact both companies using their customer service email to see which one will reply faster.

Here are the results.

I got a reply from Hostinger after 28 minutes:

And I got the reply from Siteground after 8 minutes using their support ticket email system.

So as you can see from the test the obvious winner for faster customer service via email is SiteGround. 

But that doesn’t mean Hostinger wasn’t helpful, they just took longer to respond via their email chat.

When it comes to live chat, Siteground responded back in about 1 minute of wait time + 1 minute and 39 seconds after the conversaion started:

With Hostinger sadly they didn’t have any live chat and the only way I was able to contact them was via their email form which i had to find from their contact page:

So without a doubt I have to say that SiteGround is the clear winner because they respond back via email/ticket support faster and have a 24/7 live chat.

4. SiteGround Backend Features VS Hostinger Backend Features

Let’s see which additional features you get and how they can help you.

SiteGround Backend and Additional Features

When it comes to backend SiteGround has really stepped the game and it’s updated entirely their old Cpanel to a more modern and easy-to-use backend. 

Compared to Hostinger, Siteground has more features that are compatible with all CMS platforms, such as WordPress. 

In addition to these SiteGround offers you free security packages that include DDOS protection, e-commerce tools, and a customizable website builder, which is a real catch for our favorite newbies.

But my favorite extra featureis their SG Optimizer plugin

Which actually worked and helped me improve my page loading speed from 2.7 seconds to only 1.9 seconds right after I installed it.

Before their plugin

After their plugin

Click here to see all SiteGround’s features including the plugin.

Hostinger Backend and Additional Features

On the other hand, thanks to its custom control panel, Hostinger doesn’t fall behind SiteGround. 

In addition, it features a free SSL certificate, drop-based custom website builder, WordPress optimized hosting services, as well as add ons that generally improve the performance of your website.

But the best part about their extra features is the Free Domain you get with their more expensive plans.

It saves you around $8-$10 and you can always transfer it to a different domain provider once the offer expires.

SiteGround on the other hand doesn’t offer any free domains.

Which hosting has a better backend, functionality, and features? – SiteGround or Hostinger? 

In addition to all of these, it is very important to note that because SiteGround is one of the web hosts officially recommended by 

It is not surprising to know that SiteGround works better with WordPress than Hostinger when it comes to speed because of their SG optimizer plugin.

But even if they don’t offer a free domain name I would still pick them over Hostinger because speed is one of the most important factors when it comes to websites and their premium WordPress plugin really helps with that.

So, which hosting provider is better: Hostinger or SiteGround?

Choosing the best web host for your website depends on the goals you’ve set for that website and the tools it needs to achieve those goals. 

Like I said earlier a professional website builder and manager would find SiteGround more appealing.

It is way faster, offers more features but it’s way more pricey.

Whereas a rookie who’s still learning the ropes of website creation would most definitely would be a better fit with Hostinger.

Especially if their budget is low.

Nothing beats the sweet taste of enjoying quality stuff without having the board deep holes in your pocket.

However, when all factors and results are considered and all data speaks, SiteGround clearly is way better than Hostinger with its sophistication speed, faster support, more space, and top-notch features.

So the decision to award SiteGround the winner was by no means a difficult one. 

Click here to start with SiteGround and get their best prices


There, you have it guys, your winner for this comparison guide is SiteGround but Hostinger still has a place if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

And that’s a wrap from me. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and found it useful. 

If you like what I’ve done and want to support me please use the links inside this post and create your account with your personal winner. 

Once you do please let me know by sending me an email at thegoldengooseoutlet(at) so I can send you my favorite in-depth course about WordPress and making money online with it.

Additionally here are some related articles you may find interesting:

See you in the next one.

– Bozhidar

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