Scala Hosting Review 2021: Is It The Best Managed VPS Hosting?

I know how time-consuming it can be when you look for a VPS hosting provider that is the right option for your website. 

I personally have tried plenty of options but many of them are either slow or too expensive.

But what about Scala hosting? Is their hosting good, bad, slow, or too expensive?

Don’t worry, I know that you want the best for your website, so my goal is to answer all those questions and give you the most accurate data.

Hi! My name is Bozhidar and for this article, I will share with you one of the best VPS hosting providers I have used which is Scala Hosting.

I will share with you my personal experience from buying to testing their performance live so you could decide if this provider is the best option for your website.

For all of you who don’t know, Scala Hosting is a cheap VPS hosting provider that is known for its ease of use

In my personal experience with their VPS service, I can say that it is like using a simple web host where you can control everything on your end.

But to give you a better sight of how Scala hosting works, I will share with you my thoughts and do a couple of tests on their performance in terms of these categories:

  • User Interface and Set-Up
  • Speed and Uptime Performance (Tested)
  • Pricing Plans (Checked and Reviewed)

By the way, this is an unsponsored article so expect that I will be sharing with you my opinion with honesty and full transparency. (But I am open to any endorsement offer, just kidding.)

So stay with me until the end to decide if Scala Hosting is the best managed VPS hosting for your website.

…and to see how to get your hands on their best deal at the moment.

Here we go!

Scala Hosting Review: Is It The Best VPS Hosting To Use?

It wasn’t easy when I was looking for a VPS hosting provider that doesn’t require me to be too technical. In the past few months, I have come across and tested a big number of providers before I have finally encountered Scala Hosting.

In summary, Scala Hosting is a company that offers many plans of hosting services so you can choose the perfect one for your website.

However, in terms of their VPS hosting service, I dare to say that they are taking it to the next level because their speed and customer service are really good.

But how exactly are they different from the rest of the other providers I have tried?

Well, Scala Hosting offers what a shared and VPS hosting providers usually have: the easy-to-use solution; and manageable but powerful service

But for me, it feels like they have filled the gap of what these other hosting services don’t offer while not compromising any power or performance.

You’ll see what I mean by that if you keep reading until the end of this article.

Hang in there and I’ll show you what Scala Hosting can really offer while giving you my recommendation and their best deal.

Scala Hosting – Shared Hosting or VPS? (Which one to get?)

In case you don’t know Scala Hosting has been in the industry for quite some years and I will only share with you the honest information based on what I have experienced with them so far.

A few years ago, I have asked myself- which hosting services do I need? Is it shared or VPS hosting?

I was really torn because I didn’t know which one of them can give my website better performance. I had to test personally many providers I’ve heard are “the best”.

So after a lot of trial and error and I came up with two important realizations:

  1. Shared hosting is easy to use and very cheap but in terms of my website’s performance, it’s quite weak. (Slow loading times and can’t support big traffic levels)
  2. VPS hosting is a bit more expensive but it has a really good performance like speed, uptime, and high traffic limits. Sadly it’s a bit harder to use.

But from my own experience, I can say that Scala Hosting introduces in the market the ease of use and powerful performance of their VPS hosting service while having prices like you are using Shared Hosting. 

To be honest, they have made my decision-making easier than I thought.

If you wish to know more about how to use their VPS hosting, scroll down to the next part of this article or you may go to here to check out their updates on their new services.

User Interface and Set-Up

To be honest, I have found that Scala Hosting’s edge among the other VPS hosting providers is the use of a control panel.

Every time I’ve heard the word cloud hosting, it gives me a delirious feeling of never-ending configurations. I have to admit that during this era, my knowledge about technologies was only limited to changing the language setting on my Google search.

Imagine a stone-age person living in the digital days. Pathetic, isn’t it?

Luckily for you, the control panel that Scala Hosting provides when you purchase their VPS hosting service is custom-made.

In my opinion, their “Spanel” is one of the best features they offer.

This is how their control panel looks like but this isn’t the main dish yet.

If you take a look at their control panel, I could really say that it is clean and simple. Now, I checked out the “My Services” tab and this is what I found out:

It shows here the resources that my server is currently using. For me, this is transparency at its fullest because I don’t have to wonder if I am still within my limits or not and where did I spend them all.

I could easily track my usage based on the data they have provided in this cool feature under my account.

Now, let’s go to the main dish I have mentioned earlier.

Scala Hosting uses the sPanel where I was able to personally control, customized, and developed my website.

For me, this is the most interesting part. Through their sPanel, I was able to create as many websites as I can.

But how did I do that?

Well, Scala Hosting plans do not offer packages. 

What I am paying here for are the server resources instead.

And the way I choose and use them is all up to me.

Let’s say what I need the most is RAM so my website can load faster.

I can just choose the number of GB I badly need and that’s all they are charging me for.

I would personally recommend Scala Hosting to freelance developers as well because you can use your server to host your client’s projects and have them pay for it.

Under their “List Accounts” tab, I found all the servers which contain the different websites that I have added to my account.

Once I click either of them, it shows me the resources it is currently consuming.

Like for example, one of my websites is currently taking up 198 MB of space on my server.

Now, what I personally like about Scala Hosting is that they allow me to control my websites separately by clicking the “Actions” tab and log in.

This is how I found their sPanel. Usually, I am familiar with cPanel which is commonly used in shared web hosting plans.

Take note: I am not using a shared web hosting plan but VPS hosting.

That is why I take Scala Hosting seriously because they spared me from the complicated process of managing your website with the usual VPS that has no user interface.

Additionally, they protect my website from spam emails because of the dedicated IP address they are using. I don’t have to worry about spam anymore.

As you can see in the photo, their sPanel offers different controls on your website. I was able to create quickly my website and I can even customize my blogs and forums.

It is also worthy of my special note that Scala Hosting allows me to create an unlimited number of custom emails.

Like I’ve said earlier, you are not paying for the package but for the resources you are using.

Lastly, even if this is nothing that special it is worth knowing that Scala Hosting provides a free 1-click SSL Certificate for every website on your server.

Through this, I have all my websites protected.

Because of all those things, I recommend Scala Hosting if you are looking for easy-to-use VPS hosting. It won’t require you a certain level of knowledge in VPS hosting.

Why choose the very complicated way of VPS hosting when you can have a relaxed life with Scala Hosting. It saved me heaps of time and it allows me to control my website anytime and anywhere.

You can go to here to know more about the other services they offer and see their best current offer.

Scala Hosting Speed and Uptime Performance (Tested)

It is well-established that VPS hosting unlocks the best performance of a website. To verify if that is true, I bought Scala hosting’s advanced plan which costs $21.95 per month.

I believe this plan is enough to keep more than one website.

To check the speed and uptime performance of Scala Hosting, I conducted two tests.

The first test I performed was without any optimizations on my website. In short, it is just my bare website that is simple and uncustomized. No plugins, themes, or images.

Here is the result:

My website fully loaded in just 1.3 seconds. I don’t find it bad at all.

For the second test, this time I used some free optimizations that Scala Hosting inside their Spanel but this time I installed a new theme, add some plugins, and included some content.

My goal was to replicate exactly what I would do in a real-life scenario.

Here is the result:

As you can see my website was able to fully load in just 1.2 seconds even if the page size was not small and I had a lot of things installed.

So in my opinion their server speed is really great and beats the cheaper VPS options.

Since I have only used around 20 or 30% of my resources’ capacity, I believe that I will also get the same results.

And because of the fast servers, I don’t worry if any of my websites will have a big drop even if I have heavy traffic

Also, I can still create more websites with the other 70% available resources I have without affecting each of my website’s performance.

Take note, I am getting all these kinds of services and performance for just $21.95 every month. However, you can get this plan for a lesser price if you choose unmanaged VPS hosting.

But if I were you, I’ll get the managed one so I can fully enjoy the same VPS hosting service I currently use

If you’re wondering what will you get from a managed hosting, it is literally everything I have shared with you previously.

I got the user interface, the free SSL certificate, email accounts, and a custom email because I opted for a managed VPS hosting. 

I was also entitled to 24/7 live chat support just in case I encounter some problems.

If you’re curious about what’s the best deal I found for you, you can go to here to see their managed VPS hosting services.

Scala Hosting Pricing Plans (Checked and Reviewed)

Scala Hosting offers VPS services that are as low as $9.95 every month for a starter plan.

As you can see, all their plans have the same features but they only differ on the number of resources you will get.

If you remember, I have mentioned earlier that you can control your resources depending on your need. But the question is… how?

I was able to view my usage under the “Services” tab in the main control panel.

I just clicked on “Resources” and it brought me to the page where I can customize my individual requirements.

In my case, I added a couple of GB of RAM in addition to the existing plan I have.

As you can see, even though I was subscribed to an advanced plan I can still add more resources to it.

The greatest part is that I just had to pay for the equivalent fee for each GB added, not double or triple what I had already paid for the plan. 

So using Scala hosting is cheaper than using any one of the other providers because they offer only different plans which usually have big price differences between them and you can’t only get half of the characteristics. 

You need to buy the more expensive one and that’s it.

Take note: I was only able to add some resources after I have bought a plan with them. Also, Scala Hosting allows me to remove some of the resources I don’t use because of their “Modular Billing”.

So in simpler words – you pay exactly for what you use.

To be honest, because of this specific and unique feature and the way they structure their pricing, they made me respect them even more. I really like how transparent they are about their services and prices.

If you like their pricing, you can go to here to check out their best deals for a managed VPS hosting I managed to find for you.

Conclusion: Is Scala Hosting Worth Your Money? (My Final Opinion)

Personally, I believe Scala Hosting offers the best of both worlds which are good hardware and software

I really like how they give me the freedom to tweak my resources based on my usage and pay for exactly what I use.

No more, no less. 

Which is extremely fair and saves me money in the long term.

So far, they have made my VPS hosting experience really simple and free from complications

I also like their speed performance and uptime so in my opinion, they are worth paying for.

In my case, since I am working with different websites I needed a solid VPS hosting provider that offers me a sure positive result in the long run. So far I’m happy with Scala hosting and from what I get I have to say they are worth every penny I have paid.

Even if I think for a long time, I don’t come up with any solid reasons why I should not recommend Scala Hosting. 

Overall, they have proved to me that they are worth it and it shows on the results of their performance.

So if you’re interested to get a plan with them, feel free to go to here to experience VPS hosting in a simpler way.

Also using the link above will help you get the best deal they offer right now.

However, if you’re just starting out your way to hosting services, and don’t need a VPS hosting provider and only want to pay a couple of bucks per month I believe there are great alternative options like Bluehost or Hostinger that offer shared web hosting services. 

Just click their names to go to their official websites and see their current deals.

If VPS hosting service is your cup of tea, then you’ll never go wrong with Scala Hosting.

Now, let me hear your thoughts. Do you think Scala Hosting is the best VPS hosting provider that you’re looking for?

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If you find this article informative, don’t forget to share it with your friends or leave a comment below.

Until next time, see you!

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