Kinsta Review 2021: Is It The Best Web Hosting Provider?

What’s stopping you from getting a web hosting plan with Kinsta? Is it the price? Speed performance? Or the ease of use?

Let me tell you how a managed web hosting provider is better in so many ways compared to an unmanaged one. If you’re still hesitant about Kinsta as your web hosting provider, let me erase those doubts in this article.

Hello! My name is Apple and for this article, I will conduct a thorough review with my favorite web hosting provider which is Kinsta. I will buy a plan with Kinsta and test its service to show you why it is considered one of the best-managed web hosting providers in the industry.

Kinsta is a managed web hosting provider and it has proved its value in the industry because of its outstanding performance among the rest.

However, Kinsta might not be the cup of tea for everyone in terms of some different aspects.

To guide you on whether or not Kinsta is the right web hosting provider for you, I will give you my honest opinion and test my Kinsta plan in terms of these four categories so you don’t have to:

  • Setup and Ease of Use
  • Speed and Uptime Performance
  • Customer Support
  • Pricing and Hosting Plans

If you’re ready, let’s get this on!

Kinsta Review: My Experience and Tests (Is It The Best Managed Web Hosting Provider?)

Out of a list of 20 providers that I tested, Kinsta has proved its worth in the industry by outshining the rest of the web hosting providers I tried.

Unlike any other web hosting company, Kinsta is not your typical provider. They provide top-tier web hosting services that are distinct and stand out from the rest of the providers.

Kinsta is a managed WordPress cloud hosting service that your website will surely benefit a lot from.

I would say that their premium plans are, by far, the best ones I have ever tested. It is the finest option among other web hosting providers your money can buy.

In this article, I will clear two big questions you have about Kinsta- is it really the best web hosting provider? And why?

I will provide you the most accurate data in terms of their pricing, speed and uptime, their customer support handling time, and their ease of use.

Keep on reading with me until the end and you’ll get the answer to the most important question: Should you pay for Kinsta?

Kinsta Setup and Ease of Use (My results)

After buying a plan with Kinsta, the first thing I have noticed was their user interface. Kinsta doesn’t use the standard cPanel, they use their own instead.

As you can see, it looks nice and simple. It was quite easy for me to navigate on their platform.

Everything was organized and I find it easy to explore whatever is on their menu. I found all the controls that I need for my website on the left-hand panel.

Take a look at the “Tools” tab, that’s where I was able to modify my site’s caching and SSL Certificates, CDN, restoring your backups, and modifying your domain, I found everything there.

I tried installing my WordPress site in Kinsta and I was surprised how easy it was.

I just had to fill up some information that they need for my website just like the one you can see in the picture below:

Next, I had to choose my domain name.  However since Kinsta doesn’t offer a domain name, I have to get it from Namecheap. (You can purchase your own by clicking here to go to and check out their domain name plans.)

After filling up that information page, I have now chosen my data center.

It is worth highlighting that Kinsta has around 24 amazing data centers all around the world. This is the biggest number of data centers I have ever seen.

Just a quick tip: always choose the data center that is near to your user and not you. So if you’re target users are from Japan, then choose the location where they are located or somewhere near to them.

In my case, I chose the data center located in Northern Virginia because my traffic mainly comes from the USA.

Now, I have to put my username.

Another quick tip: please refrain from using “admin” as your username because it’s like you’re giving the hackers a free ticket to get into your website.

I don’t want that. They can hack your heart, but please, protect your website at all costs.

If you can take another look at the recent picture I just showed you, you can see at the bottom part of it two options for your SEO plugin. I don’t personally recommend Yoast, but you may opt in for WooCommerce instead.

After adding this, it only took a few minutes for Kinsta to launch my website.

Also, I always add my SSL Certificate for double protection because this is a standard procedure Google requires for your website to be safe for the web.

With Kinsta, installing my SSL Certificate was really fast and easy. I also enabled the force HTTPS because I wanted to make all my website pages safe and in guidance with Google.

My website is almost ready and the only thing that is lacking is my domain name email. Kinsta doesn’t come with an email hosting service but since I am using a GSuite account, I can just incorporate it with their platform.

From signing up to creating my website until the last step, I have never had any issues while in the process. They are really simple to use and I navigated their platform without any fuss.

Their user interface is really nice and clean. My process overall was smooth as well.

However, I am slightly disappointed with the non-existent domain names as part of their service. They also don’t allow me to host my emails on their platform, which I feel will make it more difficult for me to utilize them in the long run.

Because of that, I am giving Kinsta for this category a score of 9 out of 10.

If you want to give them a visit, you can go to here to personally check out the best deal I managed to find.

Kinsta Speed and Uptime Performance (Tested)

My website is all set up and now is the time for me to check their speed. Before I share the test results with you, I’d want to point out that I ran two tests.

The first test I performed was on my bare website, which means I did not install any plugins or made any modifications. Here is the result:

My bare website fully loaded in flat 1 second. For a bare website, this isn’t the fastest I have ever seen but this is a really good speed for the money you pay.

Now, for my second test, I take things a step further by adding some design elements and new pages.

I just waited for Kinsta to finish the import.

In just a few minutes, my newly customized website is all up. I am not done yet, because I installed some free plugins as well to boost up my website’s speed.

Usually, I would install the WP Fastest cache plugin for the speed optimization but since Kinsta has server-side caching, I will use that instead.

I will also install the Short Pixel plugin for the image optimization of my website.

Lastly, I will install Kinsta’s very own free premium CDN which was known to help increase the website’s speed.

I’ll let you take a look at how my website looks after all those changes:

My website is ready for the second test and now the result is:

My website amazingly launched in just 1.1 seconds. This is the reason why Kinsta is one of the fastest web hosting providers I have ever tested.

And trust me, having 1.1 seconds fully loading time is exactly what you need in order to rank high in Google or make more sales.

I have also monitored their uptime to check how reliable they are. The result is:

For the past 30 days, Kinsta is 100% up all the time.

So far, Kinsta’s speed performance is amazing. With the help of their own server-side caching plugins and own premium CDN, they have proven their worth in the industry.

For the speed and uptime performance they have shown, Kinsta deserves a perfect score of 10 points. (You can go to here to experience the fastest speed of your website with their premium plan.)

Kinsta Customer Support

Kinsta provides 24/7 customer support and can be contacted through their email and live chat

However, I have found out that they do not have phone support. So, if you’re that kind of person who prefers to talk over the phone, Kinsta does not offer such kind of support.

During my interaction with their customer support, I raised the following concerns:

  1. My website has been infected by a virus.
  2. How much does it cost to renew a domain name?
  3. Can you please install my SSL Certificate and Cloudfare?

For my first concern, they immediately ran a virus scan on my website.

To my surprise, they even offered to remove the malware for me.

Kinsta guarantees on their campaign that any website hosted by them would be free from any malware. It is true that Kinsta doesn’t just do the talking, they walk the talk too.

I am super impressed here. I didn’t have to beg them, they just agreed right away. 

Of all the companies I have ever tested, Kinsta is the only one who offered me to remove the malware without a doubt which is something I highly respect.

For my second question, I have mentioned earlier they told me that they don’t provide domain names that’s why I have to buy it from somewhere else.

Although they don’t offer it, their representative offers a recommendation and even sent me a link on how to associate your domain name in Kinsta once I have it.

That’s another plus factor for me. Their willingness to go the extra mile for me is highly appreciated.

For my last question, their staff did my request without hesitations.

They immediately installed the SSL certificate for me but they did not install Cloudflare. Although they didn’t install it, their staff sent me a guide on how to install CloudFare on my end.

I have also monitored their average handling time based on the encounters I’ve had with them. Their average response duration was 1 minute and 32 seconds which I believe is the fastest response time I have ever tallied. 

That’s a lot faster than my minimum time of 5 minutes and below.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with their assistance. I can sense the willingness in them to help me out without hesitations.

This is the kind of customer support I would want in any hosting provider- attentive, quick to respond, and very accommodating.

So without a doubt, a perfect score of 10 points is well-deserved by Kinsta’s customer support team.

Kinsta Pricing and Hosting Plans Review

Remember how I have mentioned earlier that Kinsta is not just your typical web hosting providerKinsta is a top-notch hosting provider that offers cloud-based solutions.

For all of you who don’t know, Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting platform that offers premium cloud hosting on its own servers. They use the Google cloud platform to be specific.

When I say they are top-notch,I mean that their plans are somewhat expensive if you don’t have a big budget. In short, they are expensive.

Their starter plan starts at $30 every month with the inclusion of one website that can support up to 25,000 visits per month, and 10 GB of disk space.

If you want more resources, you can upgrade to their pro plan or business plan. Your data will increase the moment you decide to upgrade. 

The only difference between the plans is the number of resources you get, not the services. You will basically have all the same featured services regardless of which plan you will avail.

Another notable feature of Kinsta I find very useful is their manual migration of my website to their platform for free.

They also use their own CDN which was very helpful in boosting my website’s speed performance. They also offer daily automatic backup all for free.

All users, including me, have the option to withdraw their subscription with Kinsta since they are imposing a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. 

So in case you are not happy with what you get, you can easily get your money back. I’ve never had any problems with them but from what I’ve heard they will give your money back.

Additionally, you can choose between a monthly or annual subscription to any of their plans. However, if you choose to get an annual plan, you can get a discount of as much as 2 months free subscription.

Kinsta comes with its own server-side caching plugin that is very useful in boosting the overall performance of my website.

If you didn’t skip any parts of this article, you will see the speed test results that I had earlier with my website using Kinsta’s plans.

I really cannot argue with the performance of Kinsta. They are really fast since they are using their own plugins and they are supported by the Google Cloud platform too.

As for the performance, it’s a no-brainer they can satisfy on that aspect. However, I believe Kinsta is not for everyone especially those that are tight on their budget. (You can go to here to check out their current best deal)

So even if they are not the cheapest option you can buy, Kinsta deserves to get a 9 out of 10 scores for their pricing because they are extremely fast, reliable and come with a ton of premium features you won’t find in the cheaper alternatives.

My Honest Opinion: Do I Recommend Kinsta?

Hell yes!

There is no doubt Kinsta provides you the best web hosting experience. They provide an overall package in terms of the performance rate.

Kinsta has been the fastest hosting provider I have ever tested and all thanks to their own plugins and cloud hosting solution powered by the Google Cloud Platform. They beat any cheaper providers with their speed.

They also have an easy user interface, based on my experience. I was installing and updating everything on my end smoothly.

The most essential aspect about them that I admire the best is their great customer service. They patiently wait for you and they respond quickly as well.

I have felt their willingness to extend their help to me so that I could experience the best of their platform.

Overall, I highly believe they deserve a total score of 9.5 out of 10. If it hadn’t been for their price, it may have been a perfect score.

But if money isn’t a problem, I strongly advise you to invest in Kinsta. I assure you your money won’t go to waste.

You can go to here and get their best plan with a 30 days money-back guarantee. (This is the best offer I managed to find)

In case you don’t have the budget to spend a minimum of $30 every month for hosting another relatively fast and reliable but cheaper company, I also use and recommend Bluehost. You can go to here to check their best deals.

 If you know a web hosting provider that is more competitive than Kinsta, here is the perfect place to add a cheaper alternative.

It’s now your turn. What are your thoughts about Kinsta?

If you’re not satisfied with Kinsta’s performance, you can check these similar articles below:

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Until next time, see you!


Test Images: Dotcom Dollar – Allan Borch (YouTube)

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