Interserver Review 2021: Speed, Uptime, Security, and Pricing

With cheap website hosting plans, lots of features, and a really good customer focus, Interserver was one of the best web hosting companies in the latest years. 

But in recent months Interserver has made multiple changes to its pricing plans.

But is it still good and worth getting?

Let’s find out!

Hi, my name is Bozhidar and in this Interserver review, I’m going to share with you everything you need to know before you get started.

Don’t worry I’m always honest as you will see below so please stick with me till the end because I have something really important to tell you…

Let’s begin!

My Interserver Review: Everything You Need To Know Before You Start

In order to help the most I’m going to review Interserver with 8 different but important places.

Here’s what you are going to learn next:

  • Interserver plans and pricing – are they worth it?
  • Interserver price lock guarantee? – Is it real?
  • Pricing comparison against SiteGround and Bluehost
  • Server and website speed test
  • Uptime and stability test
  • What I don’t like about them
  • What I do like about them
  • My honest opinion and conclusion about Interserver

Sounds interesting?


Let’s begin this review by checking the most important part of every hosting provider we all care about – the price.

1. Interserver Plans and Pricing Review 

A while ago there was only one plan for Interserver. It was $5 and that was it.

It was $5 a month and for that price you got everything you need for your site. 

There wasn’t a sneaky, complicated pricing scheme that increased the price as time passed, and there weren’t many other options to choose from.

But one day someone at Interserver thought: “You know what? Let’s change absolutely everything!

Let me explain.

Is the new Interserver pricing worth it?

It’s no surprise that Interservel completely transformed its pricing plan structure in order to be more competitive with the other companies.

Instead of just one plan now they have plenty of different types of plans but the best ones I’m currently using and recommending are these 3:

Click here to check my favorite plans

They all have different price points, including the standard, boost 2 and boost 4.

Their current cheapest hosting plan of $5 is going to renew at $7 if you hang on after your first subscription is over.

However, the boost 2 and boost 4 plans do not go up in price. 

Regardless of the plan you choose, you will always pay the exact same amount monthly, which is $10 or $20.  See the plans I’m talking about from here.

Interserver Price Lock Guarantee

And then there’s the price lock guarantee. (Check it for yourself)

Therefore, even if these plans increase in price, your account won’t be charged the higher price.

Why is this relevant? 

Recent providers have increased their prices like SiteGround so that not only new users but existing users were affected as well. 

And imagine being paying $10 for your hosting services for a whole year, and then having to pay an extra $20 because well, SiteGround felt like doubling the prices.

Luckily for you and I, this won’t happen with Interserver because of their price lock guarantee.

Despite changing some things in the past, Interverser still offers exceptionally low-cost web hosting when compared to other web hosting companies. 

I mean their prices are really great. Check it yourself if you don’t believe it.

2. Interserver vs Bluehost vs Siteground Price – Which is the cheapest hosting provider?

This is what it would look like if we compare the prices for one-year unlimited web hosting.

Interserver initially costs $54 and renews at $84. (check current price here)

You would initially be charged $90 and then renewed at $156 if you choose Bluehost. (check current price here)

And SiteGround would initially cost you $120 and renew at the staggering $300. (check current price here)

In addition, Interserver web hosting is inexpensive, yet still offers all the features you may require.

So you pay less money and get the same if better features.

Sounds good right?

The most affordable Interserver $5 plan you can get currently can give you:

Free SSL certificate and unlimited storage, domain email accounts, and unlimited visitor limits per month.

Don’t forget to get the best current offer Interserver offers. Just click this link and go to to see their current best offers.

In addition, you are giving me a hand to continue to write more honest reviews that really show the things most people won’t tell you.

Thanks for helping me fight fake reviews, dishonesty, and the generally low-quality content that’s going on in the web hosting industry.

I appreciate it!

Interserver Pricing? – Is it worth paying for?

Sadly this new Interserver update has caused the web hosting provider to overcomplicate its hosting service. 

Now they have multiple plans with different pricing models rather than 1 plan.

Some of their plans have increased in price, some have not.

But even with those negative changes, they’re still offering affordable web hosting that performs quite well. 

With a monthly or yearly plan, you can get a more impressive performance for a fraction of what you’ll pay to other hosting providers.

Here’s what I’m talking about.

Speaking of performance let’s take a couple of tests to see if this is really the case.

3. Interserver Performance Test

In order to see how good Interserver really is, I’m going to do a couple of really important tests.

Let’s begin with testing the speed.

4. Interserver Speed Performance Test

I’ve decided to test Interserver speeds by setting up a few real-world scenarios.

For this test, I’ve bought their standard plan for $5 a month

Using their automatic WordPress installer, I’ve created a WordPress website and added some design elements to it, so that I could actually pass it off as a legitimate website.

Once the website has been designed, I have tested its performance using GTmetrix.

Even without optimizations, my site loaded in 1.3 seconds.

 And the time it took the first bit to load was just 0.4 seconds

But is that fast?

Is Interserver hosting fast? – The Results

Yes, 1.3 secound fully developed website load speed and 0.4 second first bit loading speed is really fast. 

That speed is comparable to what other providers offer through their $15, $20, or $25 plans.

Since Interserver has its own data centers, the server’s response time is only about half a second, which doesn’t surprise me at all.

They have their own infrastructure. 

Instead of overloading their data centers, Interserver spreads everything equally and uses only 50% of the capacity of each machine.

That way they can achieve a cheaper price but still have the speed you need.

This guarantees that you, as the user, receive the fastest and most stable service

Try them yourself and see what I’m talking about.

And talking about stability…

5. Interserver Uptime and Stability Performance Test

Lucky for you I’ve been monitoring Interserver for the past half a year.

During the past six months, all my Interserver websites have been up and running with only one-hour downtime. 

That’s scoring Interserver a 99.98% uptime

In addition, I ran some stress tests to see how many users the Interserver’s Cheapest plan can handle.

After my test was over I found out that after 50 users at the same time my website speed started to get affected. 

This green line represents additional traffic as it is added over time. 

The blue line indicates how fast Interserver is able to respond. 

As you can see here, the blue line should be as flat as possible, but as you can see, it jumps all over the place. 

Interserver Performance – Overall Results

It’s time to simplify everything. 

Why are all these tests important to you? 

Well, you’ll have really cheap and fast websites that won’t go down a lot.

Since it went down only for one hour in six months, the cheapest plan is not going to be able to handle that many unique monthly visitors.

A limit of 15,000 should be doable

More than that would require an upgrade.

Because there are three tiers to the plan, you can choose the one you believe is best for your site if it gets a lot of visitors.

Rather than picking the $5 plan you should aim higher and go for the more expensive plan. Click here to check it out.

6. Interserver Cons: What I don’t like about them

1. Their interface

Rather than focusing on improving their pricing plans and business structure, I would wish Interserver would work on improving their online interface.

It is currently clear that this is the greatest downside. 

It’s hard to use; it’s clunky and it looks old.

Most of the work is done using the standard Cpanel interface that you might be familiar with if you have used a web hosting service in the past.

Does this matter? 

Possibly not.

In reality, between 90 and 95% of your time will be spent looking at your WordPress dashboard or Cpanel.

You never actually have to use the Interserver interface unless you change your name servers or wish to manage several web hosting accounts at the same time. 

Since they are going to make some major changes, I still hope that the interface will be updated in the future. 

2. Interserver domain name

A second drawback is your plan does not come with a free domain.

It is separate and is available from Interserver for around $8 per yearClick here to learn more.

Although not a major deal, it would be nice if they would include a free domain name with the plans.

This would make it a little easier for new customers.

7. Pros: Interserver Extra Features I like

So I know I gave a lot of negative energy to the Interserver marketing team in this review for all of the changes that they’re making, not all of them being to the benefit of the user, but I’m really happy that they still offer their core, extra features for free with every single plan.

So, this is the main reason behind Interserver’s differentiation from other web hosting companies, at least within the same price range. 

Let’s check them out and see what you get once you sign up with them:

Free Inter-Insurance

The first feature you get is inter-insurance. 

In case your website gets hacked or ruined they promise to restore everything, find out how it happened, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

This is really helpful because if you already have a website hosted with another web hosting company, it works too.

Engineering staff from Interserver will move all the files from another web hosting provider to the company’s servers; they will then investigate and resolve the issue. 

Only WordPress websites can take advantage of this feature.

Inter-proxy caching

Another feature is the inter-proxy caching. 

In simple terms, this method eliminates the loading time, since all the user has to do is select the website they want to access rather than having to search in the entire database to locate those files.

Basically, this speeds up your website. 

InterShield Security

They also have the InterShield security measures. 

It can’t be turned on or off directly. 

Every single server receives this protocol, which acts as a means to differentiate between new attacks and attacks that have previously been spread through these same networks.

That’s essentially why I prefer Interserver for web hosting.

This could easily be paid once for an additional $5 or $7 a month. 

InterServer gives these away for free, without any of the upselling nonsense other hosting companies use.

My Honest Interserver Opinion – Should you use them?

After all the tests I did I must say that Interserver doesn’t deserve much criticism, even after the recent changes. 

Although I did feel that they were giving too much for what they were charging, the price hike is something I can handle considering all of the extra features and the great performance they offer. 

They may just be saying it best to themselves.

Interserver is an honest company, striving to treat their customers fairly, putting their customers’ needs above the bottom line.

I really do hope they’ll stick to this claim for the future and won’t become greedy like most other web hosting companies, because we all support honesty. 

These are the factors that set them apart from their competitors.

And, in truth, it is Interserver’s best feature. 

But are they the best hosting provider for you?

Who is interserver best suited for?

In my opinion, Interserver is best suited for people who don’t have a huge budget but still want to have very fast and secure WordPress websites.

They are perfect for both beginners and more advanced users that aim to have multiple successful websites that load fast and don’t crash.

I really like them and I’m currently transferring one of my newerst websites with them and so far I’m happy with their support ticket system as well.

If you can spare $5-$10 bucks a month definitely give them a shot.

If you’re ready to get started with Interserver and create a fast website like mine please click this link to get their best price.

I hope this Interserver review was helpful to you. 

Please feel free to leave any other questions in the comments section below.

Here are some more great hosting reviews and comparison to learn even more:

I try to respond to every single one. 

That was all.

Thanks for reading.

See you again,

– Bozhidar

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