GreenGeeks Review 2021: Here’s what my results tell? (Real Test)

If you want to get cheap and fast hosting you are at the right place.

Hi, I’m Bozhidar, and in this GreenGeeks review, I will explain everything about GreenGeeks in order for you to determine whether the company is the right choice for you.

Below, you will find the results I got from my live testing.

I’m going to take the time and actually test GreenGeeks’s page load speed, uptime and customer support quality (how fast they respond and how helpful are those responses). 

I will also show you a live demo to see how the backend looks like and how to install a couple of important things.

It’s like trying out GreenGeeks before you buy anything.

And lastly, I’ll tell you my honest opinion about who should buy hosting.

Let’s jump right in!

My GreenGeeks Honest Review: Everything You Need To Know Before You Start

Before we start with the actual review I want to let you know that I have a special bonus offer for you. 

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Let’s get right into this GreenGeeks review.

1. GreenGeeks After Purchase Setup & Ease Of Use

Their home screen looks very clean and easy to use.

However, there are limited features and not many options to choose from. 

Instead, you have to use the basic Cpanel backend which can be a little too complicated for complete beginners.

Unlike many other hosting providers, they didn’t offer a custom-made interface.

Let’s install and create our WordPress website and see how easy it is going to be. 

How to Install WordPress on GreenGeeks

So from their Cpanel, we scroll down to WordPress and click install.

Choose your domain name, fill in the necessary information, and then click on the install link at the bottom.

There you have it. 

WordPress can be installed easily, which is usually standard for Cpanel hosting providers. 

Let’s look at the SSL certificate. 

How to Install a Free SSL Certificate on GreenGeeks

You can install a SSL certificate through GreenGeeks using a unique button, and it’s not just available on the Cpanel.

So from your homepage, you click on security SSL certificate, click on add SSL certificate, click on, continue.

 Click on create for the free option.

And that’s it. 

Another simple task, this was. 

What about the email address?

How to get a free custom email address on GreenGeeks

Once you are in Cpanel, simply scroll down and click on the email account icon.

Next click on create

Fill in your information like email name and password and click on create again.

And that’s it. 

A new email has been created for you.

It is clear that a default Cpanel dashboard is enough for most needs.

Cpanel is easy to use once you know how it works.

The GreenGeeks hosting interface scored a 7 out of 10 when it came to how easy it was to set up and use. 

My favorite thing about their interface is the lack of annoying upsells. 

Its Cpanel nature will make it a good option for many old WordPress users. 

Although I have taken 3 points away from them because of the lack of a custom user interface unlike many other hosters.

Plus you can’t really do anything with their dashboard.

All you can do is activate the SSL certificate.

Sadly there are no other shortcut buttons or anything else you can use.

2. GreenGeeks’ Speed Performance Test

I proceeded to use GTmetrix to test the speed of my bare-bones WordPress site after it was ready to go.

As for the result, I got 0.9 seconds

As a result, GreenGeeks becomes one of the fastest hosting companies in the world. (no jokes)

So now I will take my test a step further and add a new theme, install some plugins and make everything be more realistic. 

If you are unsure about this procedure, do not worry. 

Inside my FREE bonus, you are going to find how to do everything step-by-step.

I want to install some free plugins on the website in order to speed it up.

WP fastest cache is the first plugin I’m going to activate.

You can use it for speed and optimization.

 After that, I am also going to install Shortpixel, another plugin for image optimization.

Finally, I will install the free edition of Cloudflare to make my website load even faster.

These steps are really important because we need to make this website as normal as possible.

 This is how the new website layout with all the new plugins looks like.

And the speed is now 1.6 seconds.

So even with so much stuff, the website is still super fast. 

Please note that when I do these tests on cheaper hosting providers I usually get above 3 seconds.

Now that’s really fast.

In addition that speed easily passes Google’s recommended site load speed of 2 to 3 seconds. 

But it’s not over!

GreenGeeks recommends you use the Lightspeed caching plugin which is even better than WP fastest cache. 

After doing that the new website speed went to 1.4 seconds

Another 0.2-second improvement with 1 minute of work.

And this is why I believe GreenGeeks is a super-fast hosting provider. 

To be honest, 1.4 seconds for a fully created website is phenomenal making GreenGeeks is one of the fastest hosting companies I’ve ever tested.

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How about uptime

Are they still able to hold the line?

Let’s find out.

3. GreenGeeks Uptime Performance Test

GreenGeeks has also shown 100% uptime for the last 30 days with Uptime robot.

In fact, GreenGeeks’s uptime for the past 67 days is still 100% Which is very impressive and better than a lot of their competitors.

So how fast and reliable is GreenGeeks? – The Results

After doing all those tests, I would rate GreenGeeks’ speed and uptime performance at 10 out of 10. 

They are really fast. 

They are the best I have tested as well as being reliable. 

And I highly recommend you to check them out from here.

So well done to GreenGeeks in the performance department. 

4. GreenGeeks Customer Support Test and Rating

You can contact GreenGeeks by email and live chat during normal business hours, as well as over the telephone when necessary. 

But is it good?

In order to see that I’m going to ask them 3 simple questions via live chat during the day.

The questions will be:

Question 1: I think my website is infected with a virus. Can you check it out?

Question 2: Can you tell me what is your renewal price and domain name cost?

Question 3: Can you install the SSL certificate and activate Cloudflare for me?

The results:

Answer 1:

Neither of their support representatives cared about helping me and attempted to convince me that I should create a separate support ticket.

But after some time, he finally put it through and I got a reply by email in about 30 minutes.

Even if the response time was bad they solved my issue.

Answer 2:

I was unable to receive a response on live chat for almost 20 minutes, but once they did, they were able to provide me with all the information I needed. 

So they have done an excellent job on supporting knowledge.

Answer 3:

It was a very quick process for them to do everything for me, including both SSL and Cloudflare installation.

Response time was 14 minutes, 21 minutes, and 12 minutes. 

That makes the average response time to be around 16 minutes.

Which is definitely way too long compared to the average wait time of 5 minutes for most hosting companies. 

Is GreenGeeks support fast and efficient? – The Results

Sadly after my little experiment, I would have to score GreenGeeks support a 6 out of 10.

Support from GreenGeeks overall was just average.

Not great, but not really bad either. 

They had a response time of 16 minutes on average, though they had knowledgeable staff.

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5. Pricing Options For GreenGeeks Shared Hosting Plans

Even if GreenGeeks does offer other types of hosting like their VPS plans I will stick with their shared hosting plans because these are the ones I’m using. 

But in case you need more power and speed you can try the VPS plan as well.

GreenGeeks Hosting Plans

GreenGeek currently offers 3 shared hosting plans.

The 3 plans currently available are: Light, Pro, and Premium.

Between the three hosting plans, there are 3 main differences: the number of websites, the speed, and the dedicated IP address. 

As a result, the light plan only gives you access to one site with standard speed, but with the pro plan, you’ll be able to have an unlimited number of sites.

And let’s not forget the boost in the performance department. 

Besides having the same features as the pro plan, the premium plan also offers a dedicated IP address along with a faster speed. 

Considering the value of the premium plan, it is not worthwhile to pay twice as much.

This isn’t actually required if you’re trying to rank your site on Google, but if there’s another reason you want it, then you can do so as well. 

In my opinion, you should either get the light plan (starting at $2.95 per month) if you’re a local business that only needs one website.

If you want to add unlimited websites, that would be $5.95 on the Pro plan.

GreenGeeks Domain name – Should you buy one from there?

For a .com domain from GreenGeeks, it is going to cost you $13.95 per year.

You can also add $9.95 for domain privacy.

Protecting your domain details is important because it prevents marketers from getting your information and messaging or calling you about their services.

Generally, it will cost $25 per year. 

Paying $25 per year is way too expensive for a domain so don’t buy domain names from hosting companies.

This is what most other reviewers recommend you do in their tutorial and I just don’t understand, and it really annoys me. 

What I advise is to purchase your domains only from specific domain name providers. For example, Namecheap.

And that’s what I use. 

You can only pay $8.88 with Namecheap for the .com domain renewing at $13 per year. 

Because Namecheap provides domain name privacy for free every year, it won’t cost you as much as GreenGeeks. 

Therefore, Namecheap is a good choice if I want a cheap domain name. 

Click here to learn how to buy your domain name from Namecheap and connect it to your hosting provider.

Should you buy a domain name from GreenGeeks?

If you want to have all things in one place and have the extra cash to pay for then go ahead and buy a domain name from GreenGeeks. 

If you’re like me, then choose this option and go with Namecheap.

However, our work is not yet finished.

Here’s one vital question you need to know:

How long should you buy your hosting plan with GreenGeek?

There are four plans to choose from: monthly, annual, two-year and three-year.

That provides a monthly, one-year, two-year, or three-year setting. 

Generally, I recommend buying the longest one. (the 3-year one)

In this case, 3 years is recommended because that is the cheapest price per month and renewing will be lower as well.

In general, once you find a great hosting provider, you tend to stay with them for years to come.

In addition, it’s great to know that there’s a 30-day refund policy with GreenGeeks. 

Please remember that GreenGeeks will not refund you for portions of purchased domains. 

Are GreenGeeks plans worth the price? – The Results

When it comes to pricing and plans I would give GreenGeeks a solid 10 out of 10

They are a cheap hostinger service, and the Lightspeed caching plugin is on all their plans, which provides some of the fastest speeds. 

Many hosting providers are not yet offering this kind of technology, so good on GreenGeeks for being able to offer it to their customers at a very affordable price.

Another feature I really like is the free nightly backup. 

The fact that GreenGeeks provides this as a free service is an important feature and every host should provide it.  

Just a quick note regarding my bonus offer.

Please click here to get the best price offered by GreenGeeks. 

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It’s that easy. 

My GreenGeeks Honest Opinion – Should you buy it?

After all those experiments, I’ve decided to give GreenGeeks, a total score of 8.5 out of 10. 

Even if they are not perfect I believe that they really are one of the best shared hosting providers on the market.

They have one of the fastest page load speed out of any shared hosting providers I have tested and their price is really cheap as well. 

So this is my recommendation for you.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced user looking for the best overall shared hosting provider on the market I believe green Gates is a very worthy option that I think you should really consider. 

Click here to get the best deal directly from

However, if you’re looking for an easier-to-use interface compared to Cpanel, then I don’t think GreenGeeks is the right option for you. 

If that’s the case then I highly recommend you to check SiteGround because they have one of the best custom interfaces I’ve ever used and they are equally fast as well.

It was a pleasure to review GreenGeeks.

Hopefully, you learned something from it and will be able to make an informed decision on your own.

In case you want to check more hosting providers, please take a look at these articles as well:

See you in the next one.

– Bozhidar

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