Bluehost Vs Dreamhost 2021 Comparison: Who’s The Best Web Hosting?

If you are reading this you are probably thinking:

Which hosting company is better – Bluehost or Dreamhost?

Which one is going to be the better choice for your specific individual needs and wants?

If you stick with me till the end you are going to find exactly that + a little bonus I’ve prepared for you.

Let’s see the truth!

Hi, I’m Bozhidar, and in this article, I will be reviewing and comparing two notable web hosting companies: Bluehost and DreamHost

During this comparison, you will be able to decide which one works best for your business based on how well it meets your needs.

Bluehost Vs Dreamhost Hosting: Who’s The Best Web Hosting Provider?

Let’s start this comparison by finding out more about Bluehost and DreamHost company. 

About DreamHost Web Hosting

DreamHost is a US-based web solutions company with almost two decades of industry experience. 

They offer one of the most affordable domain and hosting services at, almost nothing with tons of upscale tools and freebies to go with your subscription.

I guess that accounts for their large client base of e-commerce stores, corporate organizations, developers, and bloggers. thinks Dreamhost deserves a 5 out of 5-star rating.

 While PC mag picks DreamHost as the editor’s choice award back to back for five years.

In contrast, when looking for a reliable WordPress top-rated hosting company than Bluehost falls within the rank 

About Bluehost Web Hosting

Since 2005, Bluehost has offered affordable and innovative web hosting services with an array of tools to satisfy millions of customers.

You get easy-to-use tools like the one-click WordPress install and speed of the network. 

Also, Bluehost is a WordPress recommended hosting company of choice for people looking to start a blog or getting a great deal on pricing. 

Of course, that comes with loads of perks. 

Let’s move on to Dreamhost and Bluehost features.

1. Dreamhost Uptime and Speed vs Bluehost Uptime and Speed 

Have you seen the movie fast and furious? 

Well, that’s what you need in a hosting service company. 

Speed and consistency. 

Higher speed means quicker website loading time. 

Consistent uptime means an uninterrupted online presence for your business. 

So which of the two offers high speed and longer uptime?

Let’s find out.

Dreamhost Uptime and Server Speed

Dreamhost’s, SSD based servers offer a loading time of about 430 milliseconds. (0.43 seconds)

And about 5 minutes of downtime per month.

Bluehost Uptime and Server Speed

Bluehost on the other hand delivers great results with under 15 minutes per month downtime.

And a Cloudflare base loading speed of 360 milliseconds, which is 0.36 seconds. 

The average loading time for most websites is 1-3 seconds and both hosting companies fall within the range. 

Those speeds and uptime can change due to some factors. 

Who is faster and has more uptime – Bluehost or Dreamhost?

Bluehost is clearly faster but Dreamhost has a better percentage of uptime.

But in my opinion speed is more important than a couple of minutes of downtime so I would give this round to Bluehost.

Click here if you want to see what fast plans Bluehost currently offers.

2. Dreamhost Customer Service VS Bluehost Customer Service

Now let’s compare the customer service of both companies and see which one is going to be more useful when you need help.

Dreamhost Customer Service

DreamHost customer support teams provide impressive and quick customer response rates directly from their website.

However, DreamHost only offers round-the-clock support using the Dreamhost bot.

While live chat support runs from 5:30 AM to 9:30 PM Pacific time, but you can always raise a support ticket though. 

Unfortunately, there are no phone supports available for DreamHost.

Bluehost Customer Service

Bluehost on the other hand offers relatively quick customer support services via its US phone lines.

Additionally, you can get 24-7 live chat and email assistance.

Click here to go to and test them yourself.

Who has better and faster customer service – Dreamhost or Bluehost?

Both Dreamhost and Bluehost offer quite prompt and responsive customer support services with email, live chat, and support tickets.

In contrast with DreamHost, Bluehost offers phone support to its customers, a major drawback for DreamHost clients. 

So even if I like Dreamhost, facts speak louder than words so in my opinion Bluehost definitely wins this one.

Click here to check for yourself what Bluehost’s customer service looks like.

3. Dreamhost Backend VS Bluehost Backend

Depending on what you’re comfortable with, both companies offer different backend packages. 

Dreamhost Backend Packages, Cpanel, and 1-Click Installs

DreamHost offers a lot of functionality to set up your site and get it running in a few minutes.

It has WordPress templates or PHP to help your sites run under a secure environment using the company’s fast servers. 

Clients also get massive storage space, bandwidth, and VPS packages.

Here’s more information about what they currently offer.

Bluehost Backend Packages, Cpanel, and 1-Click Installs

Bluehost makes use of state-of-the-art web hosting tools with multiple options for clients

It uses dozens of add-ons, CloudFlare integration, easy-to-use tools, WordPress sites, one-click install, and a customized Cpanel to ensure your site functions optimally.

Which hosting has better Cpanel and Backend functionality – Dreamhost or Bluehost? 

Both Bluehost and DreamHost offer unique tools like unlimited MySQL and FTPs to keep your site running fast and consistently. 

They also provide tools like one-click installation to make installation easier. 

However, Bluehost has a more interactive and user-friendly Cpanel.

Another win by Bluehost here wouldn’t you say?

3. Dreamhost Pricing Plans VS Bluehost Pricing Plans

Money always matters. No one plucks money from trees.

Let’s see which one of them won’t cause you to break the bank. 

Dreamhost Pricing Plans

DreamHost offers 3 unique plans covering shared web hosting, managed hosting, and a dedicated hosting server. 

Web hosting prices range from a shared starter plan of $3.95, private server plan at $13.75, and dream press at $16.95.

Bluehost Pricing Plans

On the other hand to Bluehost pricing range from a shared hosting plan of $2.95, a virtual private server at $18.99, and a dedicated server hosting plan at $79.99 

Please note that you get the maximum discount when you subscribe to a longer duration of two to three-year subscription, which is definitely recommended.

4. Dreamhost Lowest Pricing Plan VS Bluehost Lowest Pricing Plan

DreamHost lowest shared hosting plan goes for $2.59 per month for a two-year subscription against the Bluehost, $2.95 for three years subscription.

However, besides these prices, DreamHost offers advanced features for a simple plan, which you can only find in the Bluehost premium plan. 

So you need to choose wisely or get it cheaper by the dozen on Bluehost if you’re a startup. 

Domain price is another ball game overall. 

5. Dreamhost Free Domain VS Bluehost Free Domain

Dreamhost Free Domain

DreamHost offers free domain registration for the first year of subscription.

After that, you pay $6.99 per year for .com sites.

Bluehost Free Domain

Bluehost on the other hand gives you a free domain for one year.

Then you get to pay $11.99 per year for .com sites. 

Therefore, whichever you settle for between DreamHost and Bluehost, you get a free domain registration for one year.

However, you might want to check the renewal price for .com and other TDL before purchasing.

Other Dreamhost Benefits To Consider 

One of my favorite ones is the free WordPress migration feature. 

And let’s not forget that with Dreamhost you get 97 days money-back guarantee, which is unconventional and the longest so far.

Most companies offer between 15 to 45 days guaranteed. 

Next on my list is the automatic weekly backup only available for WordPress sites.

Other Bluehost Benefits To Consider 

Bluehost on the other hand gives you a wider variety of features with a free automatic daily backup for one month only. 

You also enjoy unlimited websites, hosting unmetered bandwidth, and storage.

Bluehost also gives you a free office 365 mailbox only for one month and a 30 days money-back guarantee.

So you have nothing to lose in case you change your mind before the expiration.

Click here to get the best deal Bluehost currently offers.

6. Dreamhost Benefits VS Bluehost Benefits – Which is better?

 I must say DreamHost wins this round as they did land a punchier.

7. Dreamhost Security and Privacy VS Bluehost Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are of the utmost importance to any business.

Let’s see how each one of the two hosting companies will offer. 

Dreamhost Security and Privacy

With DreamHost, you get one year of free SSL TLC certification, domain privacy to boost site reputation and secure transactions.

The site uses the HTTP2 protocol, firewall, and mod security to tighten your site security.

Click here to go to and learn more.

Bluehost Security and Privacy

Bluehost also uses its free SSL certificate, HTTP two protocol, and firewall to secure your site and hide your identity. 

The secure shell SSH and the advanced security features make it easy to navigate the site under secure settings and without interference.

Bluehost Cloudflare and 1-click integration speed up and provide an additional security layer for your website.

In my opinion, Bluehost wins here too. 

So, which hosting provider is better: Bluehost or DreamHost?

No doubt Bluehost and DreamHost offer exciting possibilities for your web hosting needs. 

It is worth considering before deciding the nature of your business.

DreamHost is a budget-friendly hosting service with a variety of great features and services.

Click here if you want to get the best deal for Dreamhost.

Bluehost offers a more robust and user-friendly hosting deal with Cpanel access, superb for beginners and advanced users all at affordable rates.

Click this link if you want to check Bluehost and get the best price. 

Bonus: What is my favorite hosting provider I currently use?

If you’re still at a loss at which hosting plan to settle for, then let me introduce a more intriguing hosting service is SiteGround

If you generally want your business so far away from life support, then you should make a dive for SiteGround hosting services.

SiteGround is my number one recommended hosting service company for all the right reasons which I think your business deserves to enjoy too. 

SiteGround runs at 431 milliseconds or 0.4, three seconds at a 99.98% uptime making it the PAX clear leader said ground uses high-security features like PHP7 support, suexec apache, IDS IS systems to eliminate malicious bots. 

The mod security firewall Apache comes already installed on all shared servers. What’s more, you can enjoy unlimited email accounts, impressive customer service, and easy-to-use WordPress tools, WordPress install wizard and a free SSL certificate.

In between Bluehost and DreamHost, the clear winner of the belt was definitely Bluehost, which did win most of the rounds, but eventually got punched out of the game by SiteGround. 

Click here if you want to get the best hosting service and get the best price for SiteGround.

Before I leave, I want to let you know no one pays me to do these reviews.

However, every time you make a purchase through the links on my website, I do get a commission to keep the reviews alive. 

So let’s keep it going together. 

Also, before you go, please, don’t forget to leave a comment below and let me know which hosting you like better and why? 

And take a look at some of the best hosting articles I’ve written so far:

See ya and stay safe

–  Bozhidar  

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