Bluehost vs Dreamhost vs SiteGround 2021 Compared (Real Test Results)

I bet you got here because you are currently looking for a WordPress hosting provider for your business’ website, am I right?

Well, if you are, then you are exactly on the right page now.

This article is for people who are undecided yet about what to do with their website or don’t have one yet but don’t where to start.

Hi! My name is Apple and I am your hosting provider match-maker. Does that rhyme or should I get a better line introduction?

Anyway, let’s get back to business. You are here with me to guide you on which WordPress hosting provider is the one for you.

For this article, I will be unveiling three providers that I usually recommended to my friends. If you’re tired of signing up only to find out that they’re not the right one for you, I’ll share my experience instead.

I have here the following WordPress hosting providers:

1. Bluehost
2. Dreamhost
3. SiteGround

If these providers ring a bell to you, now is your time to speak up and let me know how’s your experience with them. Let’s see if mine is the same as yours.

Keep reading until the end and you’ll know which provider is my most recommended.

Bluehost vs Dreamhost vs Siteground: Which Is The Most Recommended?

Let me ask you, how do these hosting providers sell their services to you? Do they use lines like money-back guaranteed or “We Are The No. 1 Most Recommended WordPress Hosting”?

These are cliche lines of companies and I am telling you, if they use those lines, do not sign up right away. You should check out every detail down to their soul.

These companies are like women. When they say no, it means yes. Confusing, right?

The competition is really tougher nowadays and desperate to sell out, they’re most likely gonna use these lines to you. That’s why when getting a service, you should consider first what exactly do you need?

Right now, you might not know what you need but I am hoping that through this article, you will find what you are really looking for.

If you’re ready, let’s start with the first provider I can recommend.

Bluehost: The Giant WordPress Hosting Provider

Bluehost is known as one of the biggest WordPress hosting providers in the market. They offer plans that range from $36/year to a whopping price of $624/year.

Their basic starts from $2.95 a month and you’ll get a shared hosting account to your website in WordPress.

For a less than $3/month plan, you’re entitled to an intuitive setup and 24/7 chat, and phone support.

However, Bluehost pricing changes drastically.

Sure, these prices are really low but you’ll only feel it if you secure a longer subscription period.

Their intuitive setup is really helpful though. They will adjust according to your needs and your level of tech knowledge.

You see, these questions will help them know how to further assist you.

Let’s get back to their plans, Bluehost can offer you more powerful plans but at a higher rate.

If you’re after the service and money is not an issue, you can choose from these plans.

These plans offer advanced services like a staging environment, unlimited websites, no traffic limits, and a lot more. This means an experience of total website management to give you number-driven results.

They also offer a 30 days refund policy. So you are worry-free if you find them unfit for you after a month.

However, what I have considered as annoying with BlueHost is their checkout screen. If they can feel that you’re about to leave the site without checking out, they’ll send you a pop-up on your screen to give you an exclusive discount.

Like, why would you hide that away from me and wait until I’m about to leave before you offer it? That’s totally unnecessary.

What were they thinking? I am not easy to get but how much discount are we talking about here?

And just like that, your hidden easter egg from Bluehost has been claimed. You can check out here to see if they have easter egg discounts to reveal to you.

Let me show you their pricing strategy:

As you can see, their monthly price is adjusted depending on your subscription period. I know I’ve mentioned the same in the first part of this article.

I just want you to realize how deceitful these kinds of promotional packages are. Unless if you want to pay upfront a hundred bucks, then all good.

They also have extras on their package which I will show you on the photo below:

It’s absurd how they put a SiteLock Security as an add-on. It’s like you’re ordering a cup of coffee in Starbucks but they’ll give you an additional charge for the extra sugar pockets.

Funny, right?

Anyway, good thing Bluehost has this intuitive setup to make up for the excessive charges. They will walk you through every process.

However, as I walk through, I have noticed that their setup process and panel are quite buggy.

I’ve had problems while signing up for my hosting account to a subdomain and there was not much assistance coming from their support team. I’ve had to migrate my website twice because they were all a failure.

It took me almost a day for my first attempt to transfer. That’s even longer than my date.

The second attempt failed again and now I am furious. That’s when I resorted to contacting their support team to help me get rid of the issue.

The most frustrating part of their support was when I have to repeat myself over again so that their representative can understand my basic questions.

I decided to do the phone call support and I did a manual migration with them. Finally, my website is migrated.

I must say their phone support is commendable. The representative stayed with me until I have resolved the issue.

Among the three hosts, Bluehost is the only one that uses C panel. They have two panels which are the main and the advanced one.

You can do a lot more with their advanced panel.

As for the website’s performance, the speed was fine and their uptime rate is 99.97% over a 30 days monitoring

If you’re short with your budget, I can suggest you may their 12-month plan that will only cost you $36.

You get 50 GB SSD Storage, one website, and those included in the photo above.

The problem is Bluehost is quite secretive with its charges. So you won’t notice until you take a close and thorough computation.

I didn’t come here to calculate and stress myself out with the numbers, Bluehost. Give me a break.

Also, their staging environment requires you to install plugins and have to contact their support again to install them. It’s even more frustrating that their plugin is still beta.

After installing them, I still got issues like the plugins aren’t working.

I had to contact their support team again.

Imagine this process as a long series of phone patches. Good thing their support has a sweet voice.

This is disappointing so I’ll try to stay away for now until they have fixed their support system.

If you want to get in touch with them, you can click here to go to to contact their support.

SiteGround: The Fastest Performing Host

The second provider I will talk about is SiteGround.

I am amazed by their new transformation. I’ve had a good experience with them before but let’s see if their performance has changed too.

What I like about their new look is that it’s clean- no upsells or unnecessary promotions. It’s like they’re saying, “we don’t need those promos to lure you, come see it for yourself.”

Basically, this new version of SiteGround is really transparent. They don’t offer unnecessary upsells.

Their GrowBig plans look really convincing. You’ll get automatic daily backups and multiple one-click staging environments.

On top of that, you get access to their phone and chat support 24/7.

My customer support experience with SiteGround is far way better than Bluehost. Their representatives are straightforward and knowledgeable- may it be phone or chat support.

I also checked their uptime rate in the last 30 days and the result was 99.99%. It’s almost the same with Bluehost.

You can also create an email address on your domain name with SiteGround.

Their control panel as well is easy to use and navigate. It is straightforward with powerful features.

Overall, I can see a big difference between the then and now SiteGround. You can click here to go to to see the new SiteGround.

Dreamhost: The Dream WordPress Hosting

The last provider I recommend is Dreamhost.

They offer affordable plans, shared hosting, and premium services to manage your WordPress site. For how much? $5 a month.

Yes, $5 a month. No commitments or contracts, that means you can have it on a monthly basis.

No need to pay a big amount for a long-term subscription.

The best edge of Dreamhost though is their 97 days money-back guarantee. It’s the longest I have known so far because it’s usually 30 days.

What do you get on their plan? A lot. A powerful WordPress hosting with premium services for your website.

Although they don’t have phone support, you get automated backups included in your plan. It can restore your site just in case there are issues plus 50 GB of storage.

I know I’ve said earlier that they don’t have phone support included in your plan earlier, but for an additional cost of $10, you can get the phone support.

You also get 3-5 callbacks every month for a basic shared hosting plan.

I know it’s a bit pricey, but that is optional anyway.

In terms of the control panels, I’d say Bluehost is better than SiteGround because of its intuitive setup.

Their “Website” control is still in beta. You get to manage your website and hosting in one control.

I think that is awesome. However, I have noticed that there are some controls that are unnecessary.

Their existence is redundant like WordPress management. You can control it under the “Website” tab and you have another tab that is named “WordPress”.

Lastly, their uptime is 99.99% for their shared WordPress hosting. Almost perfect, agree?

For me, it’s a reliable provider. If you want to visit, click here to see their new offers.

My Recommendation: Which Is The Best WordPress Host?

Honestly, this is a close fight for me. They have almost the same feature for a reasonable price as well.

Their uptime is almost the same too. Their setup and control panels are really easy to use that even beginners can navigate with no sweat.

However, I’ve had a very disappointing experience with Bluehost for the price they offer. The customer support is not that bad but it takes time for them to resolve easy queries. 

If you’d like to check, just click here to go to their website.

If you think you are indecisive and need a longer time to test the waters, you can always get Dreamhost because they offer 97 days money-back guarantee

Click here to go to to get the trial period.

Honestly, I would personally recommend SiteGround for an overall awesome experience with them. I can say they truly are one of the best WordPress hosts.

Their plans are affordable and you get to enjoy premium services that you’d really enjoy.

I mean if you’re going to pay almost the same, why not get the one with the best features. That makes it a good investment. 

Just click here to go to to get a plan from them.

Nonetheless, the three of them are great depending on your preference and needs.

If you still want to look for more providers, check out these similar articles below:

Let me know what is your best WordPress hosting provider by typing it in the comment section below.

Until next time, see you!


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