My Bluehost Honest Review 2021: What I Learned After 3 Months (Test)

If you’re thinking of designing or hosting a new website in 2021, you should definitely check Bluehost or wait, should you? 

Well, today, I’ll place all the cards before you, and I’ll be guiding you through all you need to consider before making that crucial decision on using Bluehost.

Hi, my name is Bozhidar and in this video, I’ll be reviewing Bluehost and we’ll see how its features compare with the other web hosts. 

Before we go on, you may want to check out my review on SiteGround, which remains my number one recommended web hosting service.

I’ve included a link featuring the best price inside this article for your convenience. 

Let’s dive in.

My Bluehost Honest Review 2021: What I Learned After 3 Months

1. History and Important information about Bluehost

From its 50,000 square foot mega facility in Orem, Utah, Bluehost has positioned itself to become one of the most popular web hosts available. 

Thanks to its over 2 million domains, free SSL certificate and affordability Bluehost has everything you need to take your website from startup to viral hood. 

It is also one of the only three companies recommended by WordPress

However, that doesn’t mean they are ideal for everyone. 

I bet you’re sitting there and asking:

Hey, what’s the deal? 

So to answer your question, let’s look at the features Bluehost offers to see how it works in real life and how it compares to its competition.

2. Bluehost Speed and Uptime 

We’re going to start with probably the most important feature of all web hosts, speed and uptime. 

Like I said, already, speed is really important when it comes to web hosting. 

You sure don’t want your website, visitors grabbing bags of popcorn as they wait for your page to load each time they visit.

I mean, it’s a website, not an Amtrak train. 

I ran a few tests to see how Bluehost performs in terms of speed and uptime and I got pretty decent results. 

On average, the response time I got from Bluehost websites was 2.8 seconds.

Which is a drastic improvement from the 3.4 second response time we got from my previous review.

Bluehost has one of the fastest loading times compared to other more expensive hosting services. 

Bluehost even does better in the uptime department. 

Based on the tests I carried out Bluehost spots, a near-perfect uptime of 99.9%, which is very similar to that of SiteGround.

In other words, I am 99.9% certain that with Bluehost, you can rest assured that your website is constantly running and at maximum speed.

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However, as a caveat to this Bluehost still does not offer any uptime guarantees on any of its subscription plans, an oddity in the web hosting space. 

Now let’s move to the department that swore to treat you like royalty.

According to the description, that’s what they have to say. 

3. Bluehost Customer support 

Running a website can be demanding and should require you to refer critical questions to the customer support desk from time to time. 

Surely you don’t want the Grinch picking your call and stealing what’s left of your inner peace to do you?

Haha, pun delivered.

In my experience, Bluehost has consistently provided premium service in terms of its customer support with a 24/7 hotline, live chat, and an insanely quick response time.

They were able to help me in just 19 seconds.

An extra hand is just a few touch keys away whenever you need one, it’s difficult to find issues with this kind of top-notch customer care.

Click here to check their support directly from

Next on my list is the beginner-friendly user interface.

4. Bluehost Interface  

I literally cannot refrain from saying Bluehost has the ultimate onboard experience since it promises such a user-friendly experience. 

Although its control panel differs from Cpanel, Bluehost uses its own custom interface.

Its interface is accessible and easy to use to all levels of users including beginners and experienced website owners.

Additionally, Bluehost provides tutorials for the first five days after you sign up, so you can use the control panel effectively. 

That’s quite a deal.

Bluehost appears to be on the right track. I have enjoyed my experience using their control panel and don’t expect them to slow down anytime soon.

Let’s keep going.

5. Bluehost Features

Apart from dominating these core features, there are several other things that Bluehost brings to the table that makes it a good value for every dime spent on it. 

For instance, regardless of what subscription plan you finally settle for, they all include a free domain name for the first year after signing up:

A free SSL certificate that guarantees your ownership:

And 5 free email accounts per subscription.

I can hear you ask what’s more?

Take a chill pill I just got started.

Well, kinda.

Because WordPress officially recommends Bluehost it automatically comes with WordPress-specific features.

Among other exciting features you get:

Automatic backups, one-click installation wizard, and WordPress-oriented tech support as I mentioned earlier.

If you want to subscribe to the school of Oliver Twist like me and ask for more, you can pay a little extra to get sidelock security and code guard.

If you’ve come this far in my honest Bluehost review, I bet you are already interested in Bluehost and can’t wait to get started.

However, there’s one thing you need to know first.

5. Bluehost Pricing and Subscription Plans

Bluehost has got different plans well-suited for your basic needs as a beginner, as well as plans that give you room to improve as you climb the ladder of website development.

As usual, the more your website needs the deeper, the whole, it creates in your pocket.

While there are lots of plans to hop onto, let’s take a deep dive into the shared hosting plans, which are the easiest and most economical way to get your website connected to the internet.

A quick look at the price options above and you’ll see a plan for $3.95 per month

Before you jump with excitement and roll the dollars out of your pocket, you may want to take a closer look as this payment plan is only available if you’re willing to stick with Bluehost for a whole 36 months. (See the image below)

For someone who is just getting started, that’d be pretty challenging. 

What happens if I want out of this relationship after six months? 

Nice try Bluehost. 

So when it comes through subscription on web hosting subscription plans, you may want to look carefully before you leap as several companies are constantly upselling and seeking ways to peak your interest.

Focusing on their 12 monthly subscription plans, Bluehost subscription plans start from the:

The Bluehost Basic Plan for $5.95 

Click this link to go to and check the basic plan

With the basic plan you get 50 gigabytes SSD storage, 24/7 customer support, as well as a free one-year domain and CDN.

Additionally, you will receive a free SSL certificate with your subscription; all of this is available for $5.95 for an entire year.

Managing multiple sites is possible with:

The Bluehost Plus plan for $7.95

Click here to learn more

The plan includes unlimited websites, unlimited SSD storage, and 24/7 customer service. 

You also get a free one-year domain, CDN, and SSL certificate. 

Also included in the deal is a free 30-day subscription to office 365.

Want more powerful web hosting? Optimize your resources with the:

The Bluehost Pro Plan for $19.95

Click here to check it out

You get every benefit & feature in the Plus plan. 

Plus, you get a dedicated IP for free, a free dedicated CPU, and unlimited resources.

Finally, the:

The Bluehost Choice Plus Plan for $8.95

The value of this plan is that you get free automatic backup at $8.95, and you get everything covered in the pro plan. 

You’ve got to know a good deal when you see one. 

What does this mean for us?

Based on my experience, the 3-year plan delivers the best bang for your buck.

In order to build an effective website, you cannot expect to terminate your relationship with the hosting within a year.

Conclusion: Should you get Bluehost for your website? 

To summarize, Bluehost offers all you need to get your website up and running.

A big help if you just started.

Based on new features like improved speed and customer support, I give Bluehost an overall 7.5 out of 10 stars.

It’s pretty clear you have the information you need at this point to make an intelligent decision about Bluehost. 

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What is your opinion? 

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with me. 

I’ll be waiting in the comments section to respond to your interesting opinions and decisions. 

If you are interested in creating a website with Bluehost please click this link to get the best current price they offer.

Thank you for taking the time to read my honest Bluehost review.

I hope it’s useful for you.

Here are a couple of more articles you might find useful.

See you in the next one!

– Bozhidar

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