Greengeeks vs Siteground vs Kinsta vs Wpx hosting (Best Managed WordPress Hosting) 2021 Comparison

I know there’s a lot of WordPress hosting provider in the market nowadays but are you wondering which of them is the best? If you have already chosen a provider, is it helpful in reaching your goals for your website?

Inspection time!

Getting or having a WordPress hosting provider will maximize your website’s potential to be successful online. But how sure are you that you’re investing in the right host?

Hello! My name is Apple and for this unsponsored article, I will provide you four of my most recommendable providers to compare which WordPress Hosting is the best for you. I have mixed facts and experience so I can come up with an honest review.

To provide you a factual analysis of my observations with these providers, I bought their plans and conducted a test.

The following WordPress hosting providers that I will share to you are:

Does any of these providers are new to you? Or have you subscribed to any of them?

Subscribed or not yet, stay with me until the end so you’d know if which among them should you get a plan with.

Greengeeks vs Siteground vs Kinsta vs Wpx hosting (Best Managed WordPress Hosting): The Moment of Truth

If you have read and checked my other articles, you’d know I always highlight how WordPress hosting works. WordPress software runs perfectly well in any web hosting, it’s just a matter of which can optimize your website better.

For the sake of a better evaluation, I will test these providers according to their price, ease of use, speed, and uptime. You can make your own sheets too so you can come up with your own ratings.

I will be using the same website for each provider. I bought the same plan as well which is good for starters.

At the end of this article, I will share with you my scores according to my experience for each provider.

This will be fun. Read with me until the end so you’d get an idea of which is my best-managed WordPress hosting provider.

Greengeeks: Best User-Friendly Interface Host (cPanel)

The first provider on my list is Greengeeks.

Personally, I like their cPanel. I’d say it’s the best cPanel for WordPress hosting management.

There are cPanels being used by other providers that are easier to navigate than Greengeek’s. But their cPanel is the most known and most used in online tutorials.

You won’t have trouble learning them because they are being taught everywhere.


Let’s get to their price list.

Greengeeksbasic plan starts from $2.49 per month. In my list, I have considered them the cheapest provider.

Their package comes with unlimited websites and boosting the speed of your website is included too. If you want to make it faster, you can get the premium which offers the Litespeed cache.

A free domain name is included for every plan in the first year of your subscription. Greengeeks showers their blessing from time to time, so don’t forget to check them out.

Speed and Uptime Performance.

Let’s get to Greengeeks’ speed time and uptime performance.

Using the website that I created for this article, I migrated it here in Greengeeks. I installed the LiteSpeed Cache before conducting the test.

My first test result without the Litespeed Cache is here:

In just 1.4 seconds, my website fully loaded.

If there is a competition, it will really pass in the fast and furious WordPress hosting edition.

Now, let’s test their uptime and see how reliable they are.

Wow. Did I see it right? A 100% uptime performance.

Also, the monitoring time for this test was conducted over 95 days. All I can say is, this provider is more reliable than your partner.

Greengeeks added a few custom settings in their cPanel like the SSL certificate.

It’s super easy to add the SSL Certificate because they provide an easy step along with it. It’s the same with their WordPress Management installation.

By following the steps, and you have your website all set.

Greengeeks has 3 different data centers located in United States, Canada, and Europe.

Unlike other providers, they don’t have a lot of data centers location. But if you want to market in those countries, they can still serve you well.

Customer Support

You may reach out to Greengeeks customer support by sending them an email, live chat, and phone support. They are available 24/7.

To check their customer support, I contacted them with three concerns. The concerns I have raised are the following:

  1. A virus has infected my website.
  2. The cost for domain renewal.
  3. To install the SSL certificate.

Out of the three concerns, the only thing they weren’t able to help me with is the removal of the malware which I am already expecting. They scanned my website and even gave me a report.

They were also accommodating in attending to my concern.

They gave me the exact costs and even provided an article link.

I monitored their average customer support handling time and I am saddened because they failed. Personally, I’d say the average time for this and even for most companies is under 5 minutes.

Their average customer support handling time was 16 minutes. Nonetheless, they were able to help me with most of my concerns.

If you wanna check them out, you can click here to go to to avail their cheap plans.

SiteGround: The Best Managed WordPress Hosting Worldwide

The next provider on my list is SiteGround

I love their logo a lot. Do you see the snail on top of their name?

Anyway, the first thing I have noticed with SiteGround is their custom user interface that is for managing WordPress hosting.

You see, it’s even easier than that standard cPanel which is commonly used by other providers. This is good for those who are just starting with web hosting.

As for the ease of use and navigation, I would say SiteGround nailed it.


I checked their price for each plan, it’s quite higher than Greengeeks where you can get a starter plan for $2.49 a month.

All their plans come with a free automatic daily backup which I think is very important.

Although it is expensive, I believe their GrowBig and GoGeek are really competitive especially if you’re managing many websites. They also have high renewal fees.

But if you don’t worry about budget while wanting great speed and uptime with total security, you can consider them.

You can avail of their SG Optimizer feature in the two higher plans.

You can go to here to check their very own optimizer.

Speed and Uptime Performance.

Rumors have that SiteGround is claiming that, although they are not cheap, they can offer you a great speed boost through their custom caching plugin.

What I did to confirm their claim is to test it twice. The first one is without their SG Optimizer and I used it for the second test.

The first test showed me a result of 2.7 seconds.

With the SG Optimizer, the second test gave me this result:

My website fully loaded in just 1.9 seconds. See? There’s a big difference if you make use of their SG Optimizer.

As for their uptime, this monitoring was conducted for 90 days straight, and here is the result:

Another 100% uptime. Another reliable partner for you.

SiteGround uses its own custom user interface. I know I have told you this earlier, but they are the best for me in terms of this aspect.

So, if you’re a beginner in web hosting, you might want to consider them for a hassle-free experience.

You can install your SSL Certificate pretty easily too.

SiteGround has many location data centers around the world. They are available in 6 different countries.

You can network in the US, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, and Singapore. There is no need to spend and travel to these places to promote, SiteGround will do it for you.

Customer Support

SiteGround’s customer support is available 24/7 through email, live chat, and phone. With the same concerns I asked in Greengeeks, the only thing they weren’t able to do is the removal of malware.

Although they weren’t able to remove the malware, they have provided me a report on it.

They also have a friendly representative which will further assist you on your concern.

Their average time in customer support was only 1 minute and 20 seconds. They passed my standard average time of 5 minutes and that makes me happy.

Here’s a personal question for you, who replies faster? SiteGround or your partner?

If you’re just bored, you can go to here to talk to one of their support and get their latest plan.

Kinsta: The Best Customer Support Host

The third provider on my list is Kinsta.

Kinsta is known for its excellent customer support. If you’re looking for a WordPress hosting provider that maintains value and customer-centered, I recommend Kinsta.


Their plan starts from $30 a month.

I know it’s expensive. But I’d rather question if it is worth it.

Therefore, I would only recommend Kinsta if you have enough budget for your WordPress host. Otherwise, it will break your savings.

Their $30 a month plan is justified because they use the Google Cloud platform so you get to experience a high-performing website. They also have excellent customer support.

They are considered top of the line because they have their own CDN and caching solution. It is said to be faster than ordinary WordPress caching plugins.

Speed and Uptime Performance.

I don’t believe in rumors unless if I see them myself. So, I conducted a test, and guess what???

1.1 seconds. Darling, it’s 1.1 seconds. I mean, there are faster than this but compared to the first two providers, this is faster.

Another reliable partner.

I monitored their uptime for 45 days straight, and here’s the result:

It’s 100%. Also perfect.

Kinsta’s user interface is really easy and comprehensive to use.

You can find the tools pretty easily so you won’t get confused. It’s easy to install your WordPress site too.

As well as their SSL Certificate:

Just like that and your website is ready. You can also expand your network because they have around 24 server locations worldwide.

Girl, you are global. You can expand anywhere in the world. Awesome!

Customer Support

Kinsta’s customer support is open 24/7 too. They channel through live, chat, and email.

Using the same concerns and contacting them at different times, they are the only provider that helped me remove the malware. They did it for free to show that they are willing to go the extra mile just to help their subscribers.

Their average waiting time was 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Overall, I am happy and satisfied with their customer support.

WPX Hosting: The Fastest WordPress Hosting

The last hosting provider I would recommend to you is WPX Hosting.

Did you know that they are the fastest of 20 different providers that were tested? Let’s find it out later on my performance test.


Their plan starts from $20.83 per month and it increases up to $83.25 for the elite package.

WPX’s business plan gives you 5 websites that are considered mid-plan for other hosting providers.

They have their own WPX CDN and they can personally migrate your websites with no limit. You’ll get automatic daily backups and malware removal.

These services are included in their plan. All for free.

Speed and Uptime Performance

During my test, I have also installed LiteSpeed cache

WPX actually uses LiteSpeed servers. Here’s the result:


0.9 seconds. I honestly thought that Kinsta was the fastest but lo and behold. WPX is lightning.

After testing their speed time, I checked out their uptime too.

This monitoring was conducted for 53 days straight and within those times, no downtime was spotted. WPX is flawless and perfect.

In terms of how easy their platform to use and navigate, I would say their user interface is really simple.

No confusing buttons or unnecessary tabs. It is easy to install your WordPress website and SSL Certificate too.

Just a few clicks and you’re done.

WPX server locations are found in the US, UK, and Australia.

Customer Support

Their customer support is also available 24/7 through live chat and email. Using the same three questions, they have helped me in all my concerns and they patiently wait.

They removed the malware for me and provided a report of it.

I am amazed by how they handle my query and they even helped me installed CloudFare. Their customer support team did a good job.

The average waiting time was 19 seconds only. This is the fastest of all companies I have ever tested.

Literally, WPX Hosting is lightning.

My Honest Opinion: Which Is The Best WordPress Host?

This was really a close fight for me. 

To give you a better recommendation, I have actually scored them from 1 as the lowest score to 10 as the highest.

Greengeeks really did a good job on their cPanel and they are cheap. However, their customer support failed on my 5 minutes standard average time.

I am giving it a score of 8.5 out of 10. You can visit here to avail their cheapest plan.

SiteGround is reliable in terms of customer support. They have a great user interface however their speed performance runs late than the others.

I will give them a score of 8.5 out of 10. You can click here to go to to get a plan and you’ll have 30 days money-back guarantee.

Kinsta is fast and reliable. They are almost perfect but WPX offers the best package.

I’ll give them a rate of 9.5 out of 10. Visit here to avail their basic plan.

Winning the lightning title, WPX hosting is flawless and perfect. From the setup, performance, and customer support, they nailed it.

They are expensive but the amount is considered based on the services they offered and performance. They deserve a perfect score of 10.

You can visit here to experience excellent service.

If you want to know more WordPress hosting providers, you can check out these similar articles:

Which scored a perfect 10 to you? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Until next time, see you!


Test Images: DotCom Dollar – Allan Borch  (YouTube)

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